Monday, July 16, 2012

Church, Laser Tag and Dinner

Hey guys! :) I had fun today :D

Let's see:
I went to church at 10 something. I brought my guitar to practice a few songs and ask for some tips from the pro-guitarists (Ehem. Sam. Darren. Ehem). Sam played a few songs while I attacked the piano (LOL. Not literally!). I played some songs so fast, the piano was rocking back and forth. HAHA. Then Meg came. I played slower and talked to Sam, Darren and Meg.

Then Jeans came. Forced Sam to put my guitar back into the bag and left to eat breakfast with Jeans and Meg. Ordered the usual-Chinese tea and roti bakar. Not sure what we did, I think we chatted about random stuff then we went back to Sunday School. Teacher Luna was leading praise and worship. I tried my best to sing but my throat hurt a lot. Sore throat -__- So when it was almost ending, I had to go out cause I felt a bad coughing fit coming. I felt blood in my mouth, freaked out and called Esther on my phone to come. Then I realized it wasn't a big deal. So when she came, I just asked her opinion on where to put the guitar. I can't just leave it behind. A lot of expensive nonsense inside the guitar bag. She told me to bring it along and put it at the back of the second hall.

We went back to the STD4 (Hehe, I just remembered what STD means. LOL. Sick brain.) room. Gave offering and left. I don't like going to fuXion late much. So awkward to have people staring. They showed a video about a mission trip somewhere. My aunt, uncle, cousin and her boyfriend went for the mission trip. I wish I have enough money to go for a mission trip :( Laughed and aww-ed at a few funny/cute photos.

Patrina gave a testimony about the mission trip and I couldn't help being jealous about the fact that I've never gotten the chance to go for a mission trip. -__- I'm going to save up my money and go next year (or the year after, if I don't have enough still)

Had a umm.. group discussion (?) about her testimony and mission trips. It was okay. Quite funny and the food was nice. Hehe. After fuXion was over, Bryan asked us to help the Youth sell tickets (fundraiser for mission trip), we tried but a lot of people kept saying "Wait ahh. I have to discuss with my wife first." HAHAHA. Pretty funny to hear that. Wasn't a complete fail but still a fail. HAHA. I'll be buying the tickets so it's okay right? :)

That reminds me, Rangers might have a fundraiser for our 30th anniversary! :D YAY! I wanna wash cars and all.

We went to Kin Sun for lunch. Only Pris, Jeans and I ate chicken rice. The rest- Diet la. HAHA. JUST KIDDING. Walking back into the church, saw Auntie Ree Shih (LOL. Yes, she is my aunt.). She said "Heyy!" turned to Steffi and Dustin and went "This is Charmaine's gang, something-something." I just said hi and gave a drunken smile and wave. My hair was all over my face. HAHA. Chinese tea effect.

We went to Adventure for a while. But we got KICKED OUT by Cmdr Stephen. Come on dude. My DAD himself said if I had nothing to do to Expedition, I could come to Adventure to help out. I'm going to discuss with the commanders about this SOON.

Don came and dragged us back to Expedition. I was a little more than annoyed because I DO NOT like Expedition much. All I do is sit there and sleep like a potato. Hmmph. Don made me SENIOR GUIDE ON PURPOSE so I would come to Expedition Rangers every week. I'm only 15! Ahhhhh >.< I was a senior guide LAST YEAR BRO. I REALLY have to discuss this with my commanders.

Expedition was doing home safety. Finished that 5 years ago, I think. So I just listened to Cmdr Molly for a while. Got bored and asked Meg if she wanted to go to the back of the room to practice some songs on the guitar. Talked with Don about guitar experience. Sam came after a while and played Bromance on the guitar. Really nice, I like :) Sze Yie tried playing bass on Pris' guitar, okay la.

Stopped when they finished Home Safety. Saw Cmdr Kwang Yew sitting in front, so I joined him and we talked about Gold Buffalo, double Gold Buffalo and what merits I should do. Argghh. I want my silver buffalo. Hehe.

Went to the main hall, saw Cmdr Stephen, Jeans and the rest (?) talked to him but I was too busy trying to figure out what game the Adventure Rangers were playing and yes, being distracted. HAHA. I heard him talking about taking a higher standard of CPR or something. OMG. Sounds so nice :) But I already got my CPR. LOL. So I don't care-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh. Almost died laughing when he went "Suck it! Nah! Suck it!" LOL. Jeans was asking him if he thought he has a higher standard than Pastor Mike. He took out his something-to-do-with-CPR card and went "Suck it!" WTH man. HAHAHA.

Jeans wanted to sit on the bench, so I went with her cause my arms were aching from carrying the guitar around. Wei Loong wanted to drink some alcohol lol kidding!  drinks and lepak at the restaurant. Okay la, he belanja mah. HAHA. Me, Jeans, Meg and Joy went. Then Meg told me she's going back to the foyer and she went. We kept on talking about random stuff. It was kinda funny, the conversation.

Joy had to go back. Her dad came. Then I had to go back. HAHA. I forgot all about laser tag :P Said bye to Wei Loong and Jeans. Went home, played the piano for a while. Had to stop, I was too tired and my arms ached :( Oh well. Rested (drank apple juice and sat on the couch.) and watched Law and Order for a while.

Ian chatted with Esther (le cousin. HAHA) about clothing and all. She said DON'T WEAR WHITE. Very obvious in the laser tag place. I didn't want to change at first. Then I thought "Okay lo. There's probably a reason why we shouldn't wear white." So I changed into an ISCF shirt and wore black shoes.

Ryan wore WHITE shorts and a black shirt. You're probably wondering why I mentioned this but it is a very important detail :P HAHA. Really.

Esther (le cousin, once again) came to fetch us. The laser tag thing was in IoI mall in Puchong. Lasertag Warzone or something. During the whole car ride, we (Ian, Ryan and I) just chatted with Esther about stuff. I felt so tired, I wanted to sleep. Ahh.

When we arrived around 6.20pm, we went to the information counter to check what floor Lasertag Warzone (?) was on. 3rd floor. Esther mentioned Jeremy couldn't find the laser tag place. Apparently they got lost. We went up to the highest floor and immediately saw the place. HAHA. It's a miracle!

Esther's friend, Jamie came. They were chatting about stuff, so I looked around. I saw the "Rest and Go" massaging chairs everywhere. I wanted to sit down :P But then Jeremy, Steffi, Melody, Dustin and Clay came. Eu-gene came about 5 minutes later. He said he got lost. HAHA. Everyone was wearing dark colored shirts. Mostly black. Hehe.

We went in. This guy working at a ring-toss outside the laser tag place, asked us if we wanted to try it out. HAHA. Said "No. thank you.", smiled and went deeper into the place. We were all sharing one locker which was pretty small, so we just squeezed all the bags in.

Went to this mini waiting room place. Don't know if it was just me, but the place looked slightly hazy to me. There was CCTV's of the laser tag place and we could watch other people playing and look at their scores. Everyone just sat down and talked about laser tag and etc. I was watching the group that was in the laser tag room. Ryan kept saying "So noob la! Hide behind that barrel, sure get tagged one." It was true though. HAHA. That person got tagged by THREE people. It was a free for all (google it, idk how to explain. LOL)

The man asked us to go to the briefing room. On the way, we saw this creepy mannequin. Someone said "pedophile smile. Yeerr." SO TRUE. HAHAHA. The briefing was a video and an explanation by the guy who told us to go into the briefing room. There was a really nice view from the window. Can see two guys collecting wood or something near the river/stream.

The video was about the gun and how to shoot. You have to put one hand (not the trigger hand) at a certain point like in Counterstrike, to activate the sensitivity so you can shoot. If you don't put your hand there, you can't shoot lo. The gun had two moods: Phaser and Blaster. Phaser was definitely better, can shoot long range and aiming is narrower. The guy gave us some tips, we went into another room and put on our vests (with the blinking lights, HAHA) and the gun which was attached to the vest. Guy said:Shoot in the chest: 100 points. Shoot at the back:80 points. Shoot at the shoulders: 60 points.

Finally got to go into the place to play. It was so cool! Glowing grafititi, barrels here and there, tyres (ikr, so random) and places to hide. First round, we played free-for-all. It basically means you attack everyone and there's no teams. HAHAHA. Ryan's white shorts were GLOWING. HAHAHA. OMG. Apparently anything white glows like no tomorrow.I was kinda dumb at first. I kept taking my hand off the sensitivity point, which mean I couldn't shoot much and got frozen -__-. But I did okay-ish.

Jeremy was wearing a hoodie and black pants. Scared the crap out of me and Ryan while we were playing. HAHAHA. Imagine a tall, dark person suddenly showing up behind you. Thank God for the blinking lights.

Bumped into Jamie at one point. We went "Ahhhh!!!" when we saw each other. She tried to shoot me but I took Ryan's advice, duck down and shot her from the ground. HAHAHA. Jeremy went up behind Ryan and shot him, so I took advantage of it and shot his back. Whooo! 80 points baby! Then Eu-gene shot me from the back -__- Got frozen for 10 seconds (couldn't shoot), so I hid in a corner and attacked everyone I saw when I could finally shoot again.

There was this random guy who joined us. I had NO IDEA who he was. I kept thinking he was Ryan because he had white shorts on. I finally realized it wasn't when he kept shooting me without saying a word and saw his kind-of lanci face. He was a good player though. He got the best scores.Ryan shooting without saying anything would be a miracle. HAHA.

Round 1 finished. We went back to the waiting room since we had 2 more rounds and talked about the random guy. He came out of no where :O He's a regular customer there, I think. Looked at our scores and laughed at the funny default names. Especially funny when a guy gets a name like Andromeda. LOL. Jeremy started teasing Melody, and they started this funny fight. HAHA. Idk how to explain, friendly fights?. Ryan said  "So old already, still bullying his sister." about Jeremy. HAHAHA. We were amused, cause we haven't fought like that for a VERY long time.

Watched the group that went in after us. A lot of them wore white shirts, so they were glowing like crazy. Which made them easy targets. :P. Finally, round two came. We went back to the briefing room, no briefing la, just lepak. The view was a night, riverside kind of view. Not bad :)

Went to the armory (something like that la. Haha) room, put on the vests and got ready. Round Two we were playing teams. The guy asked us if we wanted to pick our teammates or play by default. Chose default. HAHA. The guy clicked one button-thing and our vests changed from white to blue/red. I ended up on the red team with Ryan, Ian, Steffi, Esther and Jamie. Jeremy, Melody, Dustin, Clay and Eugene were on the blue team. ( I think-Not sure)Went to the Game Room. I slipped over a slippery patch on the floor. Which wasn't a bad thing cause someone was trying to shoot at me -__- So I didn't freeze. HAHA.

Got up and ran around. Bumped into someone and ALMOST shot her. Turns out it was Steffi and she said "Don't shoot!". HAHAHA. Close call. Ran around, saw someone from the blue team and shot him right in the chest.

Went around, attacking people from the blue team, like a mental case. I remembered to keep my hands on the gun this time :) ROLLED on the floor at one point. Jeremy saw me behind a barrel, so I rolled over to the  base (Capture the flag, anyone?) and shot his teammates from the window.

Got up, ran around, got frozen a few times, and kept on attacking. The adrenaline rush was amazing. I was sweaty and half-crazed but it was awesome. Then the round finished, each round is around 10 minutes. Went to look at the scores, red team won. We had the very good at laser tag, lanci guy on our team so yay! HAHA. I don't think he was lanci lo, it's hard to play with strangers right? Pitied him a bit.

My score was okay. Not too low, not too high. Right in the middle. Waited in the waiting room again, watched another group play and finally went in for the last round. We went to the briefing room (AGAIN. Yes.). Someone said "Hey, there's no stars outside." Another said "Of course la, Malaysia. What to expect?"

Went to the armory room, put on the vest again. The guy working there suddenly said to me, "Don't be afraid to play ah. Just do your best and have fun." LOL. So random. I smiled and said okay, thanks. Then Jeremy asked the guy to take a group photo of us.  Took 2 or 3 photos and went to the Game Room.

Teams changed. Ian was still on red with Jeremy and a few more. Me and Ryan ended up on the blue team with Eu-gene, Melody, Steffi and someones-more. I can't remember la. HAHAHA.

Since it was the last round, I played like a mad woman. I fell down a few times and just kept shooting. Someone was about to shoot me (I forgot who), we were face-to-face, so I immediately shoot him first.

Just kept hiding and rolling behind the barrels. At one point, Jeremy went up behind Steffi. He didn't see me in the corner near her, he shot her and I shot him. Awesomeness :D

We played till our time was up. Everyone was smiling and saying things like "Ehh! Then when he shot me, blah blah blah." when we left. It didn't really matter who won or lost. It was just to enjoy ourselves. Rangers should really go for laser tag one day. Superawesome.

I checked my score. Not bad for a beginner, I think. HAHA. Our scores were higher than the previous group.

We took our bags out the locker. Looked around for food to eat. Wanted to go to McDs at first but it was too crowded. So they decided to go to this mamak called "Murni Discovery". We (Me and bros) talked with Esther about school PJ colors and all on the way to the restaurant.

The mamak was not just a regular old mamak. It had all kinds of weird (but nice) food. Eu-gene was already there. Saw Jeremy waving when he dropped the others off before parking the car. Jamie already went home, her husband set her a curfew. HAHA. I wasn't so hungry, so I ordered nasi lemak with ais kosong. Talked to Steffi, Ryan, Ian and Esther about books, GMA and random things that came up.

Someone ordered a sizzling mee thing (Not from our table[s]-we combined 3 tables) which had steam coming out of it. It was thick enough to CHOKE us. But it looked nice. HAHA. Ryan and Ian ordered Hawaiian pizza thing, which wasn't really a pizza. My food finally came. Had to drink a lot of water first though. Very thirsty :S

The Nasi Lemak was nice. I like the sambal. The mamak is a mixed culture place. That's why the food was slightly different. First mamak I've known of that had spaghetti :O . Steffi was talking about the food in America and how they had to cook spaghetti cause it was the fastest thing to cook when they're hungry. Em yum yum :3

Finally went home. Said goodbyes. It was drizzling slightly there. Rain <3

I was a little tired in the car. But not as tired as I was on the way to iOi mall. HAHA. If that makes any sense.

Reached home around 11.20pm, I think. Drank apple juice and I'm blogging now :)


Such a long post. My hands are aching like crazy.

Looking forward to the cycling/hiking trip and sleepover this Saturday! :) Going to bring my guitar to the sleepover. Teaching Meg how to play.

Lobe you guys!

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