Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Hey there! :)

Just made two polymer clay cookies. Waiting for it to dry now. How I wish I had a cookie to eat :(

HAVE to learn how to bake chocolate chip cookies soon.

So the wedding last night was .. interesting. To say the least.

Funny speeches by the parents of the bride and groom, toasts and a cool video put together by Jeremy.

A funny song came on when the food was being served. I was laughing really hard. It went something like "Welcome to my restaurant, blah blah blah." in a cheesy, french chef voice. Hilarious shit. HAHAHA.

I saw Teacher Luna when I first arrived. She told me I looked pretty :3 Hehehe. Aww. Teacher Ho asked me later on why I wasn't wearing jeans. LOL. Saw Darren, Joanne, Commander Molly, Samantha Shim, Fern, Audrey and a lot of people from church.

Some people told me I looked strangely feminine. HAHAHA. Okay O_o . Wei Loong and some of his friends tried out the photobooth. Put on fake moustaches, held tiny umbrellas and wore clown noses.

I just stared and laughed at them. Evil banananess.

It was a fun wedding. I like. Hehe.


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