Saturday, July 7, 2012

Craft Junkie :)

Hey there! :)

I'm feeling pretty happy right now. I found a website that sells what I need for my craft making!
Tamujajakraf <- This is it :P

There's a lot of handicraft and stuff there too. The best part is it's based in Malaysia! Which means LOWER shipping fees cost. I'm mostly happy about the fact that eye pins, jump rings, key chains and earring studs are sold there. I've gone through craft stores and some other shops that sells a lot of craft-y things in Andalas and everywhere else. Even Mid Valley too. HAHA. But no sign of it :(

So forgive me for being overly excited about it. Lol. I've always been a craft crazy person since I'm not really good at other artsy stuff like drawing and painting. The way I draw a cat now is EXACTLY the same as the cat I drew when I was 5. <-Fail.

I'm not really sure if this site is legit, but it's worth a shot. The stuff there (that I want) is pretty cheap. Less than RM5 per item(s). And it comes in a bunch, so no loss there. Still have to ask Dad if I can buy the stuff I want. HAHA. But oh well. Just hope he says yes.

Been dying to made a chocolate chip cookie necklace ever since I started making stuff from polymer clay. A LOT of people will tell you I'm crazy about making chip cookies. HAHA. Going to try making other stuff soon, but acrylic paint is expensive so I have to think about it first.

Yeah that's pretty much it :)

Song leading again tomorrow. Hope my voice won't sound scratchy (ehem, sexy voice). HAHA.
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