Sunday, July 22, 2012

Cycling, Chilling, Sleepover & Church

Hey guys! :) I'm back after a very tiring weekend :P

Well, first off I have to say the cycling/hiking trip was a little strange. It's never been just me, Jeans and Meg hanging out together before O.o Went to church at 8. Meg was already there. We went to the morning market and walked around for a while. We got bored and went to have breakfast in Kim Sun. Jeans came after a while, eating a pear.. Nom nom.

I kinda forgot what we did at church while we were waiting for everyone to come. Hehe. I remember lining up and jumping into Commander Nat's van though. At first, we were sitting in the front seat behind the drivers seat. LOL. If that makes any sense. Then Jeans wanted to go in front so I joined her. Meg was saying "Why you leave me alone." HAHAHA. We're evil.

Commander Nat was hilarious. The way he laughs makes us laugh really hard. He said "Okay, I'll tell you a riddle and you must guess." The first riddle made no sense HAHA Really. You won't get it. The second was "What's the difference between daun and leaf?" I said "Umm. Difference languages?" It was CORRECT. LOL. Mentioning the obvious.

We reached pretty fast. Met up with the other commanders and Adventure Rangers inside Taman Cahaya. One commander took the Adventure boys. And Commander Stephen was in charge of the Adventure girls. They went in different directions. Not one direction, okay. Just kidding. HAHA.

As for me, Meg and Jeans, we tagged along with Commander Nat and took the shuttle bus 2 or 3 times. HAHA. We went up something-with-a-lot-of-stairs (What was that again? Umm). It's supposed to be used for flying fox, I think. Cmdr Nat scared me by saying he wasn't sure if it would collapse because it looked so rusty and old. -___- Got dizzy cause I have a phobia of heights.

SO relieved when we finally reached safe ground again. Cmdr Nat kicked (?) a pot into the river. HAHAHA. Such a good example :P We went across a rope bridge for fun. Teehee. Cmdr Nat deliberately stopped and jumped up and down in the middle. Not once, not twice but 3 times -_- He did it again when we had to cross the bridge again. Haha. We also went to the Animal Park/place/something to see the animals. The SAME parrot from our last trip there was there. Sounded like it lost its voice :( Saw the horses and deer. I don't think they're very well taken care of though. Oh well. Cmdr Nat feed a friendly deer some leaves. One deer was trying to eat some plastic bag. It was pretty sad to watch. (LOL. Not sure what happened first, so it's not in order)

We walked to one place to wait for the bus. Matthew, King Daniel, Daniel Raj and Wei Loong (I think) showed up. We got on the shuttle bus. Then I'm not sure what we did before lunch. LOL. SHORT TERM MEMORY okay. HAHAHA. Matthew and King Daniel went back to the church.

I'm pretty sure we rented bicycles before lunch and went around a few times. DID WE? HAHAHA. NOT SURE OMG. I can't remember ANYTHING. Something wrong with me. URGHH. Scumbag brain. Never mind that. I'll just tell you what I remember :) HAHA. And THAT'S why I didn't blog a lot about Camporama. I didn't remember much :(

Oh yeah. Umm. So we rented the bikes, (assuming we really did) went around a few times and came back for lunch. Hehe. I remember Wei Loong being extremely tired (he carried my backpack for me. Hehe) and sleeping on the side of the road and my bottle leaking, so I had to transfer my water to Jeans' bottle.Oh we DID rent bikes! I remember some Adventure kids stealing them without our permission -__- Unless I imagined it happening. LOL. Chicken rice for lunch! Quite nice, I like. Sat there and chit chatted.

So after that, we went cycling again. Meg, Jeans, Daniel (Raj), Wei Loong, Cmdr Nat and me. The guys kept saying we were too slow. Broooo, I haven't cycled since the last time I went to Taman Cahaya. Which was last year. I love going downhill. But uphill is a pain in the ass and legs. Meg said "I don't like high hills." And I thought she said "High heels." HAHAHA. I don't like either one much.

Well, so we stopped a few times to lepak/rest. Went up the tree-something place. Again with my fear of heights, I went up (and down) kinda slow. I was surprised when Wei Loong told me he had a phobia of heights too.
The tree-place was the same one I went to when I was 9, in Discovery Rangers.

We went up to the highest part. There were scribbles all over the place. Dirty words, Someone+Someone forever's, Good Luck with-so-and-so's. Cmdr Nat said "So when they break up, you know what will happen?" He acted out a charade, pretending to cry, erase the name away and faked a jump off the tree-place. HAHAHA. He's really funny, that guy.

We went down and below the tree-place. There were two swings there. Plank ones. Opposite each other. And a bench too. Cmdr Nat asked me to sit on the plank next to him. I tried but I freaked out when it went higher. So Jeans sat there. Wei Loong and Cmdr Daniel sat on the other swing. So sweet. Haha. I went to sit on the bench with Meg. I took a lot of funny videos of them on the swings. I'll post it later when I can. Long story short, they had a swinging and kicking competition. All Meg and I did was watched them and laugh at them.

Meg and Jeans sat on the swing for a while. I took a video of it. Cmdr Daniel and Wei Loong were trying out some exercise machines. Went over to take some videos and tease them. I bet they loved the Ostrich Rider. Hahaha. It was hilarious to watch them try to be manly. Not in a mean way though.

So we went back to our bikes and found out someone took a bike of ours and placed it somewhere else. Jeans, Meg and Cmdr Nat went to retrieve it. I was too tired to move so I just guarded the other bikes. We went on cycling. At one point we were going downhill a lot. Crazy. I was afraid I would fall off cause I was going really fast to catch up with Cmdr Nat and Daniel.

So we had to go back to the lunch area at 4pm or 4.30. Rushed back, the Adventure Girls came after a while. The guys took a longer route so we didn't see them till 5.30pm at church. We returned the bikes. Cmdr Nat had to wait for the boys to come back, so Meg, Jeans and I went with Cmdr Stephen. We sat in the front seat with him. It was a bit of a squeeze but it was okay.

Talked nonsense with Cmdr Stephen till we reached the church. The girls behind us were really quiet. (Kinda tired now. Going to skip some details) My mum and dad were at the back. After a very very long time of waiting, my mum finally took me home (with Megan). Meg took a bath first, so while I waited, I ate some porridge and watched videos on Youtube. I took a bath after she did.

Meg got an sms from King Daniel: Where are you guys? Food already here. Or something like that.
I told her to just say we're on the way. HAHA. We weren't really on the way yet. We left the house around 7.10pm.

Jeans came after a while. She went back to bath. Once again, too tired to explain everything in full detail, so, we ate potatoes (A LOT of it), hot dogs and chicken. bbq style. I practiced a few songs on Meg's guitar after I tuned it.

Sang campfire songs, saw a skit, heard some stories by Andrew and devotion by dad. Went to the 2nd hall. Nothing was going on so I played the piano for a while. I felt like someone was hammering my head -_- Ugh. Tried to ignore it but it got worse. Asked Cmdr Stephen for a panadol and ate it. It did relieve my headache but it also made me very drunk. The Commanders did our own tiger court before the movie. Not bad, I should say. After tiger court, they watched Puss In Boots. Already watched that, so we went outside the hall. Meg watched videos on Youtube. Jeans and I just listened to music and slept.

After the movie finished, we went back in the room and set up our "beds". So freaking cold. Gosh. Wore a jacket and covered every part of my body. Had trouble sleeping because they didn't turn off the back lights and it was freezing. I have trouble sleeping when the lights are on.

Managed to fall asleep somehow. Kept waking up at intervals though to cover my feet. Woke up at 8am today. Hehe. Lazed around for a while. Drank some Vico, kept our pillows and sleeping bags, and went to Meg's house to take a shower.

When we were ready, we went to Kim Sun (Again yes. Tradition? Haha) to have breakfast. Yum yum. Went to the fellowship hall for the Teachers' Day celebration. But we didn't stay there very long. Went to fuXion. Silently crept into the room, not so silently. Hahaha.

Pastor Philip was talking about The Holy Communion. And he told us we can't leave the room so we couldn't go to the Fellowship hall for the photo shoot. Oh well :( Felt really sleepy. After praying and taking the Holy Communion, we went downstairs to meet the others for lunch. Went to eat lunch. Yum yum.

After lunch, we went to the foyer. I was surprised to see so many people outside. Service ended late. Talked to Don, Andrew and King Daniel about my conflict, training to be a junior commander and being a senior guide in both Adventure and Expedition isn't easy -___-. Don asked me who I want as an assistant, so I pointed at Samuel who was behind Don. Don suddenly said "Choose who you like." while I was still pointing at him. Then the teasing started -__- Laughed really hard and kept denying it. Isshh. Commander ah.


Went to Expedition. Don said "Make sure you follow me ah." So I followed him and we formed a train. HAHAHA. Crazy peeps. Had a game of charades with Cmdr Kwang Yew. Theme was "Movies." Quite fun. Went over to Adventure after that. Walked there with John Joel, Thomas and Jonathan S. They were going off to lepak. The commanders were signing merits. Archery and Hiking. Took out the M&Ms cause I got hungry. Shared it with Cmdr Stephen and Cmdr Penny. So delicious :3

They ended their meeting early. So I went back to the Exp. room for a while. Dad wanted to go home early. Dropped by Meg's house to take my clothes. And here I am :)

So tired. Going to rest. Might not blog tomorrow cause Charlene will be here.

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