Thursday, July 5, 2012

Day 7: Ex-Crush #30dayletterchallenge


It's funny how life works. Don't you think?
It's been a year or so, I think, since I last talked to you.
We can't even be friends now. And you know why.
Some things aren't just meant to be, I guess.

What hurts is that you won't even talk to me now. I see you looking at me when I walk by and sometimes I think "What if?".
But I know what I decided to do was right.  
I don't even want to try being friends any more. 
It just hurts too much. 

You ignored me first. So now, I'll ignore you.
Being scared to take a chance doesn't change anything.
Just remember what I said.

I wish you the best in life. Really I do. 
I won't be a part of your life any more.
And you won't be a part of my life too.

And the crazy thing is, sometimes I wonder why I even liked you.
Crazy, right? Oh well.
Just like the past year(s), I really don't know what to say to you.
I wonder if I really even knew you at all.

But that's okay. Some things happen for a reason, right?

And I'll be fine with it.


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