Thursday, July 5, 2012

Day 5: My Dreams #30dayletterchallenge

My dreams? Hmmm.

  • Impact someone's life in a good way. 
  • Cambridge University and/or Juilliard School. Hope to study there someday. bigdreams
  • Write a book, get published. Maybe become an author?
  • Write and compose a song.
  • Learn the drums and some other instrument one day.
  • Travel the world and take a bunch of photos.
  • Learn to fly an aircraft.
  • Live in Holland for a few months, just to chill.
  • Bake pies and stuff for charity :)
  • Participate in a fundraiser. 
  • Learn a few weird (but cool) languages.
  • Dance like a fool at a wedding. Hehe :P
  • Publish some poetry.
  • Bring myself to eat a durian.  LOL. Not gonna happen.
  • Go bungee jumping with some amazing people.
  • Sky-diving? LOL. MAYBE.
  • Go surfing (where there's no sharks) 
  • Be a better student. I wish, bro.
  • Eat as much chocolate as I like and NOT get fat.
  • Teach someone a certain craft.
  • Earn money by selling craft. (In the process ;] )
  • Tell someone I love him/her without turning into a potato.
  • Play Counterstrike non-stop for 24 hours. Meh. I love mah sleep. But I'll try.
  • Go to a beach with my friends :)
  • Play the guitar and sing in front of a bunch of random people.
  • Apologize to someone I hurt in the past.
  • Meet YTF crew. Hehehe.
All I can think of right now. Damn, I'm sick. Aches everywhere >:( Argghh. Blogging when I'm dying to sleep. Typical me. LOL.

Might update this when I think of something else. :)
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