Sunday, July 29, 2012

Earrings and Stuff :)

Here are some photos of the earrings I bought/someone bought for me.

Went into Heart Attack to look around. Saw this and couldn't put it down. It was on sale. RM10.50, discounted price. A.Aileen bought this for me :) Yay! I wanted it just for the banana. LOL. The cherry's okay. The apple's not really attractive. HAHA.

Saw this one, wasn't really sure if I should buy it but it was only RM 2, so I did. I lost my old cross earrings so I'm glad I have a new one now :)

I thought this one was sexaayyyy. HAHAHA. WTH. But yeah, I love music themed jewelry, so I couldn't help buying this :P Teehee. It's nice and you can't deny. 

Saw a music collection store. They sell really nice miniature musical instruments :3 I didn't have a lot of money so I could only afford the bands in the photo above. HAHAHA. 

Charlene bought a miniature violin that looked like this:

It's even more fascinating in real life. 

Can't take photos of the clothes. LOL. I tossed them in the machine already. WASHING machine. Not the shredder or something weird. HAHA. 

That's all for now? :)



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