Friday, July 6, 2012

Feeling Hot In A Sick Way

Hey guys! :)

Guess who's having a fever and sofa-ridden?

That's right. I am. -___-

I can't eat normal food. Not even chocolate. It makes me feel like puking.

On a forced 'diet' of fruits, water, porridge and soup.

My emotions have been all over the place since yesterday. I was okay at first, then I started crying for no reason. O_O I didn't even realize I had a fever till Mum came home.

Had a pretty funny conversation. She came home, saw me lying down on the sofa with a bunch of pillows and a blanket. Told her I was feeling hot and cold. She checked my temperature.

Mum: (checks forehead)Wah! So hot la your body.
Me: Why thank you. HAHAHA.
Mum: (Checks neck) Aiyoh. Really hot.
Me: Oh stop it, you! HAHAHA.
Mum: Don't joke la. You're sick.
Me: How could you say that? :(
Ian: No, she's hot in a sick way.
Me: Erm. Okay..

Ian  stood there and laughed his ass off. -____- Really helpful bro.

So yeah, I'm now officially hot in a sick way.


WTH Maine. The shit I say when I'm sick.

Feeling better today then I felt yesterday.

So yay! :) I'm not going to die....yet. Hehehe.

Hope Rangers cell is on tonight. Or SOON. I miss cell.

Don't care if I'm sick. I'm going no matter what. HAHA. Semangat.

Well, okay, nothing left to say so bye!
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