Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Feelings, Friendships and Food

You know what? I don't even care anymore. 

Hey guys! And LOL. Another post in one day.

I'm feeling not so good today. No chocolate ANYWHERE, no snacks to be found (Hiding maybe?), I'm feeling like a bitch and don't want to chat with anyone on Facebook much. 5 people trying to talk to me but I ignore them to throw a fit about my hunger pangs. Seriously, Maine. You're pathetic. Sorry, really I am :(

I want to appreciate the good things in my life right now but my stomach is driving me crazy. (And that's why I'm fat. HAHA)

Oh, forgot to mention, I got sent out of BM class for not doing my karangan (Okay. A LOT of karangan-s) What to do? -__- Sigh. Was okay though. Had fun talking to some girls and that jack-arse Yee about nonsense.

You're lucky enough to be different. Never change. 

Oh I wish I could actually appreciate the fact I'm different :(
These things take time though, But I'm in no hurry, so yay :)

A friend of mine from another class saw me today and we chatted for a while about what's going on with our lives. She told me that sometimes, she's jealous of me. (We were talking in mixed English, Hokkien and BM. HAHA) I was kinda shocked though. I never imagined that anyone could be jealous of me. Seriously, with my past and problems? O.o I asked her why, and she said "Because you get along so well with everyone. It's like everyone wants to be your friend." Me: Okay O_O I didn't notice that.

I'm glad to be a banana <3 And I'm happy I'm not one of those lala girls too. Talked to Aina who sits next to me during Assembly, and when she found out I wasn't lala, she went "Ahh! Thank Allah." HAHAHA.

Honestly, in my first year in high school, I felt like I didn't really belong there. I could have gone to STAR where my old friends were, but I wanted a change; to get out of my old life. Chinese girs/guys spoke Mandarin which I didn't understand (BUN-nananana blurt), some students were extremely hardworking. (Which I wasn't HAHAHA), and most of them had their own gang here and there from their old schools.

It wasn't easy, but gradually, I managed to get to know a lot of people. Most people I meet are friendly and funny. I don't even remember their names sometimes, but they make me smile :) You'd probably understand how hard it is to get accepted by people who already have their own gang and all.

I like being a freelancer. I don't stick to one group of friends. It's not that I'm talkative, attractive or have an attitude that makes people get drawn to me. It's just that, in my school; there isn't anything that stops people from being friendly and likable to others. We might have different tastes in music, different opinions on things but we get along because we want to :)

I've heard people say my school has a lot of gangsters and all. It makes me laugh because the so-called-gangsters are cowards in reality, trying to be cool. My school may not be the best, most popular or anything. But I love it because the people there are awesome, friendly and I like mah teachers pretty well too.

Well, just to say, You make some choices in life for a reason. 

I'm glad I made the choices I made. Although sometimes, it's stupid choices, but hey, I learn from it.


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