Thursday, July 12, 2012

Haircut Again? Okay.

...I'm SORRY. I know I said I'll grow it out to donate. But I can't stand it any longer.

I'll wait to donate AFTER I get a final haircut for the next 2 years -__-

One reason why I want to cut, is because it's so freaking hot in here (Malaysia). Another is because my aunt and cousin are coming back in about 2 weeks and well, it's nice to have a change especially if you'll be forced to take a hundred and one photos -__-

Yay! Cousin's son turning 1 year old this Saturday! :D Aww. So cute. And laser tag with the cousins is on Sunday, after Rangers I think, Hehehe.

Getting sidetracked, another reason is because I'm an emo freak who needs to cut her hair (not wrists, yay for that?) when she's depressed. Unhealthy habit, I know but I need something to relieve the pain?

They say a haircut makes you feel like a different person. I don't know but for me, it makes me feel like a burden's been lifted. Which kinda makes sense cause my hair is thick and heavy. LOL.

Like that, maybe? I've never done a long bob before. LOL.

Or like this?

Idk. V.Hudgens is pretty popular in the medium length hair department.

I'm constantly trying to change my hair to relieve myself from the pains of having thick hair.

Other people don't cut their hair as much as I do -_-

Ohh well.

Rainbow cake anyone? 


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