Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hookwinking me? Argghh.

Hey there! :)

Will be a very short post. I'll update more about today, when I have time. LOL.

Number 1: I planned on going to church THEN going shopping . But I got hookwinked by my aunt. I was under the impression we'll be going to church then Midvalley or somewhere, but we went STRAIGHT to the  mall. What the heck man.

In the shortened version, I went to the mall from 11am till 7.45pm. Then I went to Auntie Winnie's house for Steffi's tea ceremony. LOL. Dustin, Jeremy and Andrew were having a chubby bunny competition. They had to stuff their mouths with marshmallows and try to say "Chubby Bunny". If they can't say it, they fail lo. HAHAHA. Everyone was laughing so hard just looking at their face when they say "Chubby Bunny."

I think Andrew lost first because he said "Bunny chubby." LOL. It sounded more like "Bumgy chumby." HAHAHAHA.

Steffi's wedding dinner tomorrow! Dad says Wei Loong and etc will be there. YES. Someone to kacau. Teehee.

Auntie Christina (she told me not to say Chris -.-) bought me a dress and a really comfy shirt :D Hehe. Auntie Aileen bought me some earrings and a necklace. I, of course bought some things for myself. HAHA. Only spent RM25. Whee!

Saw one of my friends from school at the mall. Smiled at her and gave her a high five. Didn't even stop to chat. HAHAHA.

Tapau-ed a bunch of food from Auntie Winnie's house. They wanted us to take it O.o Eating the fried chicken now. yay! :)

All in all it was a good day. I was a bit pissed off about the fact I didn't get to go to church today. But you can't bite the hand that feeds you, right? HAHAHA.

I can smile and be extremely happy, but some things are troubling me. Not really sure what I should do. I'll just hope and pray things will get better.


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