Friday, July 20, 2012

I Can't Sing. Really I Can't.

Hey there! :) Second post today. Counting down the hours till cell.

Don is kidding me (I hope la) He wants me to lead praise and worship in cell. He is CRAZY. Nice guy but still, Crazy.

Maine Teo does not, and CANNOT sing. Yeah, I'm in the Praise and Worship team in GCC but I do that because I want to serve God. Not because I can SING. (Cause I can't. HAHA)

As for my singing abilities, I don't sing like a frog. But I don't sing very well either. Like I said in my "Secrets" page, I did not inherit the Teo genes. HAHAHA. My cousins were (and still are) great at singing. But not me. Uh uh.

PLEASE let him be joking or pick another person. -____-

Me no like when you say me have to sing. <- What the fudge.

Singing. My idea of a blessing and a curse.

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