Thursday, July 19, 2012

Looking Back At Who I Used To Be

Hey there! :)

Have you ever read your old blog posts from YEARS ago and think "Oh God. Why?"

Yeap. Pretty much how I feel now. Hehe?

I went to read my FIRST EVER blog post in my old blog.
It was from about 2 years ago, I think. 2010.

Couldn't stop meself from laughing. Oh my Maine, what's up with the "........", laughing your butt off's and weird hyper-ness? That moment when you want to facepalm yourself REALLY HARD for being retarded. HAHAHA.

It's funny to think about how I've changed over the years.

When I first started my old blog, I was thinking of having a blog so that one day, when I get amnesia or old (HAHA, see how amnesia comes first? :P), I can read my blog (If I remember the link. LOL) and remember what my life used to be like.

But yeah, that plan fell through since I was an idiot at blogging back then. (And I still am, so don't get confused. LOL)

So now, I'm blogging solely for the purpose of entertaining myself. And it's working so much better this way. Hehehe. Sort of.

Can't wait for Monday :) Run Forrest! RUN. <- Okay, I have no idea why I said that. But I wanted to.

Dying for a cup of coffee and biscuits. Make me some please?

Okay :(

Oh back to topic.

I can't believe how time flies and things change. And people change.

Sometimes I wish I could live in the past again. When I didn't have any responsibilities, problems and heartaches.

But then again, I'm glad to be living in the present.

Some things in this planet make me happy :) (Like chocolate for example)

Don't look back, go forward.

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