Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Looking Forward To The Weekend

Hey guys! Again. LOL.

As stated above, I can't wait for the weekend to come -__-

I love school. Yes. LOVE it. I love my friends, (some) teachers, familiar classrooms and even miss those annoying perverts after a week long holiday. But I love the weekends, going to church and sleeping till 12pm more :)

This coming Sunday is going to be even more interesting. Family thing at 6pm at Auntie Winnie's house. Not sure what it's about, but I think they're having dinner and chit-chats O_o . Probably have to wear a dress since Auntie Chris is around. She's very particular about femininity. She's the typical stylish aunt. HAHAHA. That day, she told me I have to learn to beautify myself to attract handsome boys. And I was like "What?..Umm. Okay." Then she hit me (LOL. Not child abuse.) and said she was just kidding. And that I'm too YOUNG to flirt with guys. HAHAHA. I have no intention of doing such a thing. New obsession.

Steffi's wedding on Monday! :) Whee! That's gonna be fun. I hope. Teehee. I hope there's not going to be a karaoke machine around. I remember what happens when there's one.

Just realized I haven't been doing the letter challenge for quite some time. Oh well. I'm busy :P


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