Monday, July 30, 2012

Organizing: OCD? Nein nein nein.

(Off-topic) This is SO YUMMY. I'm dying to have some chocolate ice cream now. 

Now this one's just random. HAHAHA. 

Have to get ready for the wedding in a while. I have about an hour to chill :) 

Okay, so Organizing. 

Yeah, I suck at it. LOL. Not really. I'm just too lazy to do it. 


But YESTERDAY, when I came back home, I spent an hour organizing my jewelry. Kept the ones I use often in a box and put the rest in a drawer in the storage room. It looked so much tidier :D Yay! for hardworking banana. LOL. Just kidding. Sudden OCD attack. Had to clean and arrange or I wouldn't be able to sleep. 

Next stop, organize clothes. Need to donate some that I can't/won't ever wear again. Other people need it more than I do. Teehee. 

What else? Ermm. Piano sheets. School books. I have that scattered around inside my cupboard. LOL. Craft stuff too. 

But for now, I have to focus on the trials. Like I actually study at all. HAHA. But I'll try to study at least. Hehe. 

Here are some photos, don't judge me. I'm ridiculously messy. Even when I'm trying to be neat. 

Most of my earrings. The ones I use the most. Kept in a mooncake* box. HAHA. You know, mooncakes? 

On the left: My necklaces, some kept in the ermm, packet thing, the others just placed outside. 
On the right: My bracelets. Not organized at all. LOL. My idea of organizing is separating everything by category. Random lipbalm there too. Idk where else to put it. 

And in this compartment, ladies and gentlemen, are my rings and bits of things I keep for memory. Which you can't see because of the plastic bag covering it. HAHAHA. 

In the polka dot box, more earrings. Underneath it is some necklaces, I should think. HAHA. The cupcake thing I bought just because it was cute. And 2 in 1 earrings. or something like that. 

House necklace, rings, earrings, booby pin, and pendants. 

Ermm, I think you can already tell what this is. HAHAHA. 

Some perfume that my aunt gave to me. And a long necklace I won at a fair 4 years ago. 

And next will be what I discarded. You won't be able to see much though. 
A LOT of earrings that I don't use anymore. Wanna buy? :P HAHAHA. 

This isn't actually something I'm planning to get rid of. HAHA. It's been in the drawer all along for many many years. O_o . 

Yeah, it's official. I'm awful at this. But trust me, it looked worse before I 'cleaned up'. LOL. 


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