Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sleepover, I'm tired. I'm tired and very very hungry.

Hey there! :)

So.. I'm dead tired and not really in the mood to blog. But I'll just do it cause I like you :P
The past few days have been crazy. It's always like this when my relatives are around. Teehee. I know I get mad at my cousins sometimes, but I still love them. Family's family :)

Didn't really sleep during the sleepover. I have a problem sleeping in strange places. Let alone my own bed. Cousins just went to ISCF. I'm so tired, I rather stay home and chill with my parents. HAHA. I'm lame. Charlene had a nose bleed in the middle of the night. Helped her clean up but we didn't do a very good job because Auntie Sam found blood in the bathroom and almost got a heart attack. HAHAHA.

Auntie Sam took her car for one of those drive-through car wash place, after we dropped the girls off at Reagent School. Charlene went back earlier. Went to sleep for 1 hour or so after I came back from tuition with Jun Ann.

I wasn't kidding about being tired. Heck. I can barely type now, I'm so exhausted.


I'll blog again when I have time and energy.


P.S. Walking to the Bomba tomorrow. YES. And excuse not to wear a dress.

Joy says she'll be at Steffi's wedding. Yay!

Don't wanna be forever alone.


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