Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sundae Love

Hey guys! :)

So how's your Sunday been? HAHA. Sunday has always been a good day for me. For multiple reasons.

This Sunday was a little weird.

Met with Jeans to eat breakfast. Didn't really have much of an appetite but I wanted roti bakar :3 Chatted about random stuff for a while then we went to Dickson cause I needed lozenges (No IDEA how to pronounce. lol) Then we went to Sunday School.

I led praise and worship in the STD 4 room today. And we had no music to back us up. ALL our musicians ka-POOFed -___- So we sang without any musical instruments. Felt like laughing because I felt so awkward standing there. But the others went along with it pretty well. So we weren't THAT bad. Phew.

Gave offering and we went to fuXion. I was actually kinda distracted for some reasons. My brain felt like it was being squeezed every few minutes. So I wasn't really in a good mood for a while. Meg and Pris came later and sat next to us. We were sitting in the front row. HAHA. Don't like the front row much.

Listened to Pastor Philip and he showed a cool video about a guy with no arms who played the guitar with his FEET. AWESOME man. Had to look away a few times because I got dizzy when I focused on the video too long.

Had a group discussion. LOL. When someone told Christina I preferred to be called Maine instead of Charmaine, I just said "Personal reasons." HAHA. Long story, man. VERY VERY LONG. It was actually a pretty fun discussion. Talked about shopping and Ryan Higa and all. HAHA. Fun meaning no awkward silences.

After the discussion was over, we went to talk to Andrew, Daniel, Cmdr Kwang Yew and Grace <- all at different times. Then we went to eat lunch. I wasn't really hungry (Not hungry at all, I mean) but I ordered food anyways. Joanne ended up eating for me cause hers was accidentally spicy. <-Thank God. LOL. Or I'll be wasting my food. We went to the hardware shop later. I was extremely desperate to get some eyepins.

Showed the uncle some photos and they DID sell eyepins! :D Hehehe. Bought 10, cause I didn't want to waste my money if I didn't use the eyepins. <- if that makes any sense. LOL. Hehe, when I see or think about crafty stuff, I go absolutely crazy.

Went to Rangers. Esther, Pris, Joy and Jeans went to Expedition. Meg and I went to Adventure to bully and kacau  help the commanders. Talked with Andrew about complete nonsense! HAHAHA. SO many commanders called me. First my dad, to ask me which kid is which. Then Cmdr Nat, who wanted me to help him with the boys. PHYSICAL FITNESS <- Remembering the torture I went through under Cmdr Nick's care. HAHAHA.

Darren was there, so before I forced Andrew to do some push-ups, I talked to Darren about how to complete your merits on time. LOL. Crap man. Just realize how much time I spent working on my GMA. Yeah, after that, I made Andrew (Ip. LOL.) do about 6 or 7 exercises.

Walked around, ordered people around (Just kidding la. They did it willingly) and told some boys to respect their commanders. HAHAHA. They played a game, I forgot what it's called already. So let's refer to it as Peach?

So Andrew Robert(s) started Peach. Everyone (not me lol) sat down in a circle. Andrew kept saying "Hey you! CLOSE YOUR EYES." Meg came up with "AND PRAY." So every time he said that, we'd add "AND PRAY." LOL. Some of the more annoying boys told us to shut up and I said "No, YOU shut up and learn to respect your elders." Mean I know. But they're too saucy for their own good.

We (Me, Meg, Cheryl, commanders) actually TROLLED them during the final round. HAHA. You won't understand if you weren't there. Laughed so hard to see Darren going around hitting everyone with a bottle (filled with water, mind you).

Had devotion which my dad shared then we went to Dickson. Came back, saw Jeans, Joy and Pris. Forgot to mention, Adventure Rangers are having a (cycling)hiking trip to Taman Cahaya (which I finished already< but wanna go again) and we (Me and friends) are joining them. Bro's friend asked me "Why you guys get to come huh? You're not even Adventure." I said "Cause I'm friends with all your commanders so I get special privileges la." LOL. But it's true la. Be nice to people and they'll be nice in return.

Oh, the Ad. Rangers are only going for hiking. My friends and I are going cycling AND hiking. Going to rent the BETTER more expensive bikes. I absolutely hate the crappy bikes we used last time. HAHA. My leg was cramped for weeks.

There's gonna be lepak-ing, campfire and a sleepover too so bonus man. Idk who told my dad not to let us come because we're noisy. HAHAHA. NOISY means FUN right?

Can't wait for that :) HAHA.

I'm pretty excited to make craft stuff now :)

Talked to Meg about badminton, drums and stuff for a while after that.

Pris brought her GUITAR :D YAY. Matthew was supposed to teach her but he gave her the basics to memorize and learn first. Going to bring MY guitar next week so I can learn with her :)

Photoshoot next week! YAY. Crazyy.

Oh yeah, sat with Meg and Pris. Joy was a few steps down next to Pris. HAHA. We took turns at playing the guitar. I taught Meg how to position her fingers on the fretboard.

Elijah came and played a few songs (bass style) on the guitar. I was just staring. LOL. He's really good!

Came home and I'm blogging now. :)

So hungry. Ahh well.


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