Friday, July 27, 2012

Tuition, Sleepover, FOOD, Chords.

Hey there! :) How's your week been so far?
Mine was different, to say the least. But not in a bad way.

Tuition last Wednesday, was hilarious. Esther kept accidentally saying the wrong thing, in a weird way. LOL. Laughed so hard. Man, it was crazy. Jun Ann tried to pick on me about my beloved tummy -__- And as always, sarcasm was my answer. Who likes it when people criticizes your weight and height? If I'm fat, she's about as flat as a pancake then. I generally ignore people when they criticize me, but sometimes, they just go too far and cross the line. If people say, "Yeerr. You're so fat! I can see your stomach already.", I usually reply by saying something they wouldn't understand.

For example:
-Claps hands. "Captain Obvious strikes again!"
-"You don't say?"
-"Well, if I'm fat, then you're just a bag of bones and skin."

It's kinda mean, I know. And I don't like saying things like that. But it irks me. If I don't say anything, I'll probably punch them in the face :P I have a very bad temper. Generally, sarcasm has never been something I use regularly. I only use it when I'm extremely pissed off or drunk.

Being short, tall, fat, thin, anorexic and so forth doesn't declare your personality. I'm not going to go on a diet of salads and 'healthy' food, just to please you. Those who eat as they please, are usually happier than those who constantly obsesses and worry about their weight.

I'm sorry about the rant. LOL. Not really. One more coming up about racism. Very short one la.
I quite enjoy tuition sometimes.

Charlene wanted me to sleepover. And I might have skipped school. Maybe. Probably. After everyone left, we watched a few movies till we were forced to go to bed. Talked about nonsense and had a tickle fight. Meaning she tickled me and I almost died laughing. My aunts slept in the living room. HAHA. We didn't kick them out, honestly. They wanted to.

Charlene said that her name came from me and Auntie Aileen. I asked her why and she said "Char comes from Charmaine. And Lene comes from Aileen" And I was thinking wait, why me? o_o HAHAHA. Didn't sleep very well. I was afraid I might punch her in my sleep. LOL. Evil banana.

Woke up the next morning around 11am. Ate nuggets, went home to take a shower and went to have lunch in Jusco with A.Chris and Charlene. After eating, we went to watch Ice Age 4 (Four right? LOL. I forgot): The Continental Drift. Quite nice, I like. Went to buy extra guitar strings in Yamaha. Forgot to collect my Popular membership card. -__- Argghhh. Walked around, did random stuff and went back to A.Aileen's house.

Yeah someone said something racist and I got pissed off. Why does she feel the need to mention SKIN COLOR? How is that even relevant? -___- Racism.

Went to the pasar with A.Aileen when she came back. Bought my dinner and snacks. She had a Form 3 class last night. Vemlan came so I kept bullying him. HAHAHA. Evil EVIL. I helped them with their paper since I did it already, LOL. I just gave them the formula.

Came back home, really tired.

And here I am now :)

Probably sleeping over Vivian's house tonight. Tradition to have sleepovers when Charlene is around. Decided NOT to wear a dress on Sunday. LOL. Don't care what my aunt says.

Have the Bromance and We Are Young chords for me guitar from some pretty cool people. Yay! :D

I don't go online for a day, and I get spammed like crazy by weird people. Chilla bro.

Hehe, like I mentioned in my previous blog post (or the one before that), Steffi's wedding dinner is coming soon. I I I am so excited.


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