Friday, July 13, 2012

Update: Weekend, Arrival, Hair.

Hey guys! :)

Can't wait for the weekend. Hehe.

I'll be in Sunway Pyramid from around 4 till night. Apparently there's a Bieber concert on (NO. I AM NOT GOING) and there's going to be limited parking space. Urggh. Oh well. So we (my family) decided to go earlier and hang out for a while till Rayner's birthday celebration starts :P .

Sunday! :) Church and Rangers <- Yay! And laser tag after that. Laser tag. OMG. I don't even remember how to play laser tag O__o. Hope they'll give us a briefing.

Charlene's coming back soon. Very soon. In about 2 weeks or so? A.Chris won't tell us exactly WHEN they're arriving -.- Need it to be a surprise, I guess. And are they not even gonna let me go to the airport? I love the airport :( Oh well. Yum :3 Here comes the chocolate and sweets. Nom nom nom. LOL. And a cousin to hang out with.

I'm forgetting something important. If only I could remember what it is. >.<

ISCF rally coming up soon. Not sure if I should go or do something else. ISCF rally hasn't really impacted me much. In a spiritual way, I mean. But I think I'll try to go if I can. At least the Praise and Worship time is fun. <- Not really. But okay. The last time I went, scumbag idiots jumped up and down my feet without so much as an apology. Seriously? -__- Rude much? Hah.

Vanessa Hudgens' Say Ok music video haircut is apparently very popular. Even now. LOL. I don't really care if it's popular or not. I just want the hairstyle .

I like shorter haircuts? 

My hair gets unbearably fluffy and puffy when it's long-ish. 

So I don't like it much. LOL. 

I'll be cutting my hair tomorrow. Hopefully Megan won't notice it. 

She'll kill me when she finds out O.o 

Oh well. Sakai will be Sakai. 

Hari Sukan on Monday. Don't think I'll be going. 

Going to start on my cookie soon. SOON. When I buy the acrylic paint.


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