Sunday, July 1, 2012

Wherever Life Takes Me

Hey! I'm back and happier than I was during my previous post. Thanks to the food I got to eat :)
Turns out I was emo because I was hungry. Seriously, Maine. Control yourself.

I was talking to Sherene about marriage, life after school, the way I view myself and all :P Pretty awkward conversation, let me tell you. HAHAHA.  She gave me some pretty good advice and I couldn't help laughing when I remembered her speech in fuXion.

I figured out that whatever happens, whatever troubles/heartbreak/challenges come my way, I should just go wherever life takes me. Everything happens for a reason. Good or bad things can be an experience and teaches you valuable life lessons.

I've always been afraid. Too afraid to try certain things, face certain fears in my life. Too afraid to admit I'm not as fearless as I pretend to be.

Being fearless is not the absence of fear, it is the overcoming of fear.

Sometimes, I hate myself for the things that I did. And regret it. I wish it never happened. But then I realize, if those things have never happened, I wouldn't be the person I am today.

Whatever things that I have done in my life, made me stronger and taught me more than any books or school has taught me. And it brought the closer to God as well :)

We all do foolish things in life, but it's okay as long as you repent of it and don't repeat it.
Once done is a mistake, twice done is by a fool. -Maine

But then, don't you do a foolish thing on purpose when you know it's foolish cause that's foolishness. HAHAHA. Just to learn a life lesson, I mean -____- Be wise, won't you? :)

Having a funny conversation with Pris about boyfriends and dreams.

There's no use in getting a boyfriend just for the sake of having one to brag about. 

True story? What do you think? :P

I see so many girls and guys dating nowadays. It starts with I-love-you-s, forever-mine, I'll never let you go and crap. And not even 2 months later, they break up and it's all I-hate-you-s and shit. HAHAHA.

The reason I don't want to let old Voldy know I like him, is because I don't wanna waste my time on a meaningless relationship. True, you never know till you try. But still, I'm skeptical .

It could last. And it might not.

It's better to put your hopes and dreams in the hands of the Lord and ask him to guide you through it all :)

Yeah, just blabbering now :)

Sorry. HAHAHA.

Good luck if you actually read this.


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