Monday, July 2, 2012

You're Special. And You Show It :)

Hey there! :) AGAIN. Lifeless me I know. LOL.

So I have this friend, and she's a pretty awesome person. But sometimes, I wonder if she realizes that.

I realized that most of us, at some time or other, would feel like being someone else. There's always gonna be that perfect, pretty girl everyone looks up to and tries to be. But girls like that aren't always as perfect as they seem. Everyone has flaws, in some way or another.

*Philosophical banana*

I used to be jealous of this girl. She looked perfect, sounded perfect and seemed to have the perfect life. She became my friend last year, and I realize that her life wasn't as perfect as I thought it was. Her parents were divorced, she had a strained relationship with her dad and she felt insecure about her place in this world. She once told me that sometimes she wished she could just end her life and be done with it. I did my best to change her way of thinking and be a good friend to her. Now, I feel silly for wishing I had her life. And not appreciating the people I have in my life.

Look on the bright side and think positive. 

It's okay to wish you were someone else. But then again, haven't you realize that I admire you for who you are? And LOL, weird to say this but I'm a little jealous of you sometimes. You're unique. You don't seem to realize that people are drawn to you because of your craziness, weirdness and funny ways :)

You don't need to try to be someone else. Because I like you (HAHA. EVERYONE I mean, likes you) the way you are. You don't have to be super smart, super stylish, or super in any way :)

You just have to be YOU. 

I tried to be someone else once. Not anyone in particular but just not.. well ME.
I didn't like it much. I felt like I was acting and living a life that was a lie.

And yeah true. I DO still get jealous of people sometimes. And wish I could be someone else when life goes wrong. But now, I'm feeling a lot more comfortable being myself and NOT living a lie.

There are SO many things I despise about myself. 

My fluffy, uncontrollable hair, my pimply face (LOL.), fabulous fatness,small hands and feet, scumbag brain, lack of social skills, bad grades and shit. HAHAHA. BUTT WEIGHT. When I look in the mirror, I see myself for who I am. And yes, I wish I could have less pimples, straighter hair , be thinner and crap. But I wouldn't want to trade my life with anyone else. Why should I when I have Jesus,great parents, annoying siblings, amazing friends and a place to call home? ;)

So don't worry about it cause, (SORRY. I'm SORRY) Bitch. You're fabulous. 

It's okay to want to be different, but there's nothing wrong with being just yourself. 


But seriously.


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