Thursday, August 2, 2012

5 Random Facts About Me :)

Hey there! :)  Banana, that's my name. 

I found this tag thing on a blog, I forgot whose, but it sounds interesting, So I'mma do it. You know what Nike says.......

You might know some of these facts if you know me pretty well :P

I might have actually done this tag already O.o But I'm too lazy to care. And frankly, I don't.

Fact One: I'm a collector. A crazy one in fact. I drove my mum crazy with my huge amount of notebooks (most of them empty) scattered all around the house. I just go insane when I see a pretty notebook and I just have to have it :) Of course, I DO use some of them to write nonsense and so forth. My jewelry, clothes, hair products, perfumes and nail polish are overflowing -__-  I get a lot of gifts from people, some which i hardly ever use. Dad says I have to clean out the stuff I don't use anymore, but I'm a very lazy person, so I'll do that after the trials :) Most likely. If I ever go shopping with my parents, they hardly ever let me sneak off (unless they get distracted themselves :P) because they know me very well. If I sneak off, I'll end up with more junk to fill up the house. My dad claims I got this trait from my mum. She collects things too. That's kinda why my house is full of things we hardly ever use. HAHAHA.

Fact Two: I'm indecisive. When it comes to "important" decisions, I constantly ask someone if it's the right decision to make. I'm terrified of doing something wrong that will influence my life in a bad way. I'm slowing growing out of that stage though :) I have trouble deciding what food to eat, what activity to do (Like today, go to the airport with dad or MidValley with mum and relatives? I opt to stay at home. HAHA.) and such. I made a promise to myself to just pick one and go with it.

Fact Three: Its impossible for me to focus on what I'm doing.  I know what you're thinking, what? why? I space out a lot, you know, daydream? Even when I'm having fun. LOL. I think it's due to my insomnia. When someone asks me a question, I'd be miles away wondering about the person who created the first toilet bowl (LOL. No. Example, I mean) or some silly nonsense that you wouldn't understand. I'm ridiculously unfocused. Even when I'm reading a book, I have to reread the page at least 3 more times to fully absorb every word.

Fact Four: Most people describe me as 'childish' but still sensible. There's nothing wrong with laughing for no reason and enjoying life every now and then :) Shawn claims that I have a "twin" as in split personality. Some days, I laugh and smile to the point everyone thinks I'm a maniac and other days, well.. I'm a crazy, moody murderous person (to the guys at least).

Fact Five: I have a piano-sheets dyslexia. I take hours trying to read the notes/ understand them. Which is partly the reason why I didn't like piano lessons much. I managed to figure out a few of the most important notes and memorize it till it was imprinted in my head. Still difficult for me, so I rely mostly on playing by ear or watching midi files (slow motion) .

That's all the facts I can think of :) And it's slightly retarded. Even I admit it. LOL. But yeah.

Good night! :D

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