Friday, August 17, 2012

A Day Out and Fun :)

Hey there! :)

So I've had a day out with some of my friends today, and I Lots of it. HAHA.

I went to Setia City Mall with Meg and Jeans. We went there just to chill and watch a movie :D And I have to admit, it's the first time I've been to that mall -__- Family's kept me busy for weeks. Not that I'm complaining :P Just wish I've gone earlier.

Yeah, Jeans' mum took us there :) Before that, we went to eat chicken rice. Not bad, quite yummy :3 FOOD. YUM YUM. My mouth was in a freezing hell when I drank the Chinese tea I ordered. The tea had a lot of ice in it and I ate a mint chewing gum before I drank it. HAHAHA. Idiotic banana -__- Sigh.

When we finished, we continued our journey (to Thailand. Ahh. Winkwink) and we finally reached our destination :D I was thinking "Blimey. That's one pretty mall ."

We went in, got our tickets and I forgot what we did after that :) LOL. I'm actually serious. Short term memory loss. And I've just fried my brain trying to find out what diseases and such mentioned in House. Okay, I get distracted a lot. HAHAHA.

I do remember going in to some shops and going outside to the park-place-thing-idkwhatsthename-so-i-shall-call-it-a-park. I'm not certain what we did first though. Haha. The park :D Mmm. Glorious, glorious park. With the prickly grass and wonderful space to roll around. And yes, we did actually rolled in the grass :P

That's Jeans rolling :)

Scenery from one of the floors :)

So nice OMG. 

Meg and her signature jacket :P


Crazy girl was jumping or something. HAHA. 

A rare photo of me chilling and unintentionally flashing my ass. Oh god. Why.

Meg went crazy and started dancing. HAHA. 

I remember we wanted to go up to people and ask them if we could help them take photos. But then again, they might think we're trying to steal their phone/camera :(

Meg looks puzzled. I wonder why :O 

My editing skills suck. LOL. 


Boring yet interesting scenery. HAHAHA.

Just to show you how we threw our bags down on the ground. HAHA. 

Smiles :) :D

I was talking. LOL. Retarded banana. 
Nice photo otherwise though.

Jeans gone mad. HAHAHA. 

Anyone know what the building behind me it? Looks like a stadium :O
Wanted to show you my little piggies :)
Favorite earrings at the moment.

One of my favorites :) Teehee. 

I like this one :D

The trick's easy to figure out :) So go figure!

Trying to recreate the Titanic scene. HAHAHA. 

I like reflections. I think it's cool.

We didn't take much photos inside the mall. Outside was so much more.. interesting and fun :)

The movie, Total Recall was epic. A little complicated but EPIC still. HAHA. It was nice to watch :) SO INTENSE.  It might not be your cup of tea, but it's certainly mine :P I adore action flicks.

We went to Starbucks. It amazes me how all the employees/workers were so friendly and energetic. I'm not kidding, I swear. One lady in the washroom asked me if we had lunch yet and I said "Yeah" and smiled. Kinda awkward.. LOL.

Starbucks was huge and looked really comfortable. Jeans actually took a video of me eating sugar with my iced chocolate and getting a sugar rush. But it's pretty embarrassing and shit. HAHAHA. 

I bought some stuff. Jeans, Meg and I bought some anklet/bracelet thing at Cotton On. 3 in 1 set. The price stated on it was RM15. I bought 2 sets (to split out later) and prepared RM30. Then the lady (?) scanned it and said "RM12" Got a lil confused. Haha. Apparently it's actually RM6 for 1 set. Then she asked me to change my RM10 for 10 RM1 notes. I think everyone's short on change today. 
Walked out feeling very confused and delighted at the price change. HAHA.

I bought a white t-shirt that I've been looking for for a while. Jeans managed to find it :D YAY! Only RM10. Half price only :)

Bought this notebook too :D

At Typo. Sorry, couldn't resist the cover. RM15 for one. Have I mentioned my notebook addiction? HAHA. If you can't see it, it's some place with grafititi covered walls. Nice :D

Edited this. HAHA. I like Polaroids. 

Original photo. I think it's nice but really bright :)

Another edited version. HAHA. It's pretty much the same as above.

I'm going to play badminton with Meg, Daniel and idk who else tomorrow :D Yay! Thank God they're playing in Andalas. I haven't played for a few months already though. Ever since those matches with Shawn and the other guys and my friends :(

That's all for now :) Sleepover on Monday to Tuesday. Can't wait for that one. 

And church on Sunday. 

I love the holidays :D

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