Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Amcorp Mall, Mockingjays, Chocolate! :D

Hey there! :)

I was originally planning to make a post about some old photos that surfaced after all these years, BUT unfortunately, my camera cable has been taken and locked away from me -__- So that will have to wait.

I wanna go to the Amcorp Mall during the Raya holidays. I might have mentioned this before.
It has everything I could ever dream of! :D Secondhand guitars, antiques, handmade jewelry, BOOKS 70% cheaper than what you would find in Popular or MPH (BookXcess) , unusually cheap clothes, flea market, crafts, and many more :)

It's crazy. And the best part is everything is affordable. Never overpriced and also in very good quality. If it was up to me, I would stay there and live in the mall :) Oh well.

So if you're ever in Petaling Jaya, just drop by sometime. You won't regret it. Really. HAHA. (Your wallet might though)

Anyways, my mockingjays order from PinkyBears has arrived! :D Early today. Hehehe. I forgot to confirm my A Fashion Story order for Esther. I just did, so it'd probably arrive tomorrow. LOL. Forgetful banana. Teehee.

There's a whole bunch of yummy em em chocolate in my fridge. Kit Kat, Droste, Twis, Snickers, Merci.. You name it, I've got it. HAHA. Maybe not ALL.

Chewing gum too :D

Till next time,

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