Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Andalas Night Market :)

Hey there :)

I just realized something I've never realized before. I have not been to a night market for a almost 2 years. Maybe even more than that. Which is a big deal to me, because I live so near to one yet I hardly ever go :( Because of tuition, school and etc. urgh. -.-

I do go to the morning and evening markets every now and then. But night markets: Nein. It's a shame because the night market has a larger variety of interesting things to see and buy (besides fruits and vegetables. HAHA) than the morning/evening ones. I'm not being biased, I'm just saying it cause it's true :)


  • Amazing, cheap stuff that last really long. (Surprisingly)
  • Cheap (and nice) clothes and bags. Not the highest quality but durable. 
  • Friendly salespeople. 
  • Food. EVERYWHERE :D Yum yum. 
  • Yummy drinks. Sort of :P
Summing it all up, cheap and pretty good stuff EVERYWHERE. 

  • Crowded area. smelly things everywhere -_-
  • Perverts. A LOT of perverts. 
  • I have to pretend to be a Chinese American because I can't communicate with the Chinese salespeople. I can't exactly say "Hi, I'm a banana sorry. How much is this please?" They'd send me to Tanjung Rambutan hospital. 
  • Schoolmates. Everywhere. Screaming "HI MAINE." O_o. 
Yeah so that's all :) Hehe.

Drop by the Andalas market if you're in the neighborhood. You won't regret it. (But your wallet might) And no, I am not promoting. Simply stating my honest opinion. 

Things I bought:

Plastic earrings.

Earrings :P

String to make a new necklace.

Yeah so that's it. HAHA. Finally able to play "We are Never Ever Getting Back Together." (blimey long title) by Taylor Swift on the piano. Not memorize it, just play the whole song without stopping (much). 

Hehe :) 


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