Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Badges, Mixy, Tidiness, Package, Ryan Higa and COOKIES.

Hey there! :) Now this is a VERY important post. Well for me at least. LOL.
My Dad's selling these badges, you can pre-order it :) through me or call him maybe. HAHAHA.

Here are some photos:
Brace yourselves.

My brother's patrol CUSTOM MADE badges. I'm kinda jealous now. -__- 

Well, look who's here :)


Trust me, these are HUGE. I like it though. 

Once again, me jelly :(

Age groups :) Not organized. LOL. Sorry. 

I think these are the medium sized badges. Ain't sure though.

SIZES! Ranging from smallest to biggest. 
The small one's adorable :) Just so tiny and cute! Teehee. 

I pinned it on my hand. LOL. JUST KIDDING. I just did my magic trick :) No super glue, I promise. I ain't crazy, dawg. 

Yeah I know. I posted too many photos :P

Here's more that aren't relevant to the post. 

Busybody cat. She's worse than my Mum. I like to watch videos with mewing cats when Mixy's here. It drives her wild. 

She's a cute cat though. She gives everyone stomach massages when we sleep on the couch. My mum's terrified of that. LOL. 

See how much tidier my cupboard is! :D

*Sniff sniff* I'm so proud of myself :') Couldn't bring myself to toss out some junk (that means a lot to me) in my piano chair. I'm weird that way :P

Oh, my package came today. 

I was pretty surprised that it came so fast because I made the payment on Monday night and got it today! :D

I thought I got the wrong package because it says it contains CLOTHES. 
Then I realized they probably lied so no one will try to steal it or something strange like that. HAHA.

Business card provided :) Teehee, 

One of the items :) I actually bought this because I knew my Mum would like it. She's a flower lover. HAHAHA. Dutiful daughter :P 
Not really, LOL. 

EXCITING NEWS. Not my last but still EXCITING. Ryan Higa is most likely, COMING TO MALAYSIA! :D

It'd be pretty awesome if he does! :D

Here's a cookie :)

My favorite cookie by far! :) It looks real and edible. 

And here's Charlene :) I think they shouldn't have named her after me because apparently she picked up my habit of being picky about the things I eat. HAHAHA. Names carry GENES :O 

No. I lied. HAHAHAHA.

Oh well :) 

Trials are making me crazy tired everyday, but I'm having a lot of fun, despite the stress and all. 

I've had the misfortune of being seated next to a loud annoying boy who screams I'M SEXY BABY. For absolutely NO REASON at all. Imagine my relief when my teacher made me change my place to sit with a nice, quiet Arif. Arif is like my class' version of Afif. HAHAHA.  Only for a day though -_- Hello idiot once more. 

A pretty long post. I should stop now before I go on a ranting spree. 


Have I ever mentioned how much I love crime fiction shows? :D

Okay. I haz. HAHAHA. 

That pretty much sums up the whole post. :)

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