Thursday, August 23, 2012

Badminton, Dinner

Hey there! :D

So how was YOUR day? :)
Mine was great. Hahaha.

I left my house at 3.40pm. I was supposed to leave earlier but I got too distracted working on my new project and didn't realized it was past 3pm till I glanced at the clock. Oops. My bad. Reached church and saw Teacher Sharon. Went inside and saw Jezreel, Darren and Jeans. Stayed for a while and watched them practice their skit.

Daniel came so I left with Jezreel. We walked to his car, then he told us to go to Matthew's car, which we didn't notice till he pointed it out. LOL. So we got into Matthew's car, listened to songs and we reached our destination.

Clambered out of the car awkwardly, jumped down and I went into the hall with the others. Daniel, Matthew, Megan, Sze Yie, Andrew (Ip), Jezreel and I. So many people O_O, I thought. Played with Meg and Daniel first. Jezreel and Matthew were playing really kaulat. Meg and I bullied Daniel a little bit. Not really bully..just teased him. HAHA. A LOT. It was fun, sorry.

Then I played singles with Meg for a while. After that, we played doubles with Jezreel and Daniel. We did all right for a while, then Daniel and Meg kept hitting the shuttlecock to each other, so Jezreel and I got bored. I think Jezreel was the one to pick up a shuttlecock and hit it at me. So we were playing not directly in front of each other but sideways.

 Use the diagram as reference:

See? Not directly in front of each other. Come to think of it, we could have changed positions but I didn't think of doing that. It was fun playing sideways. HAHA. Jezreel and Daniel played till Jezreel's racket broke. he fell down a few times trying to hit the shuttlecock too. So intense, the way they played. Thank God for new shoes, I got blisters the last time I played barefooted.

The hall guy came and told us he wanted to close the hall. So we played for a few more minutes and went to change. My shirt was so sweaty, urgghh. But it was fun, so..... no sweat. Literally. I figured out why I couldn't see the shuttlecock last week till I pinned up my hair. I never realized how long my fringe has gotten. Hence the reason why I always pin up my fringe when I play sports :( And look bald. HAHA. Don't care, certain things require sacrifices.

We went to eat dinner at a yummy-chicken-and-other-food-selling-outdoorsy-kind-of-place that I've been to for years, but have never figured out/remember the name of it. Everyone was hungry. Ordered bihun with curry, fries and chicken. Ate 1 and a half piece of chicken.

When the chicken arrived, I reached over to take a piece and another piece started falling out. So I hurried to grab it before it fell. I underestimated its hotness. It burned my fingers and somehow I knocked into Jezreel who was sitting next to me, almost fell to the floor and I went "AGGHHH!! Hot hot hot!" shaking my hand very violently, almost knocking things to the ground. Heard Sze Yie saying "Chill chill."

I looked at Matthew and he gave me THAT look. You know, the one your friends give you when they see someone you like?

I asked him "What?" and he asked me "Is it hard?" Wooahh. Wait up bro. What do you mean by hard? I didn't ask him though. I just stared at him, really confused. Then it hit me.

He thinks I like Jezreel D:

Ewww. Like my brother from another mother? 


Couldn't stop smiling and laughing though. Matthew's expression was hilarious. 

I must have made it worse for myself by smiling, because it could seem to be a sign of admittance, although in reality it's a sign of me finding things even more hilarious than it really is. 

Why won't you accept my love? 
Not relevant, I just found it and thought it was cute :) 

Daniel or Matthew said something about him being handsome, and everyone started laughing.
HAHAHA. No comment. 
They started talking about missiles and bombing, America, Britain and etc. I wasn't paying attention because I was staring at cats walking around and going crazy mentally, thinking they're adorable (cats. not the guys :P) Asked Meg what was going on and she said she had no idea. :(

Matthew fetched me home first, Meg was sitting in front next to him and she kept whacking him. Matthew told me to ask her to stop and I told him that "You can't control a Sakai." But I did try asking her not to hit him when he was driving. Don't wanna die in a car accident O_o. 

Matthew: Eh, ask her to stop hitting me la!
Me: Meg, don't hit him. Until I get home...unless you want to kill Jezreel then go ahead. 

Jezreel and I sat in the back, laughing at them. 
Fighting like an old married couple. 
Really funny and weird. HAHA. 
Andrew and Sze Yie went in Daniel's car.

Reached home, watched Psych and here I am now :

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