Sunday, August 12, 2012

Blogging, Sleeping, Organizing(?), Rainbows :)

Hey guys! :)

I know I haven't been blogging as frequently as I used to. But butt but, I've been spending quality time with Charlene before she leaves Malaysia (TODAY.) So it's most likely I will not be blogging today, because I gotta go to the airport later (and church.LOL)

Have to be off to church in a while, I'm just waiting for my car driver to wake up :P HAHAHA. Charlene's sleeping like a baby upstairs. So is Ian. And Mum. And Dad is sleeping on the couch. Still trying to get him up. HAHAHA.

Charlene slept over last night. As you could probably tell by referring to my previous statement. Her mum told us to make sure she sleeps early, but we failed her. Playing with glow sticks, doing silly things and having a water fight (with spray bottles we bought from Daiso). I TRIED to go to sleep after that, but we kept changing our sleeping positions and I seemed to be ALLERGIC to something in my room, despite the fact I have slept there for well over 2-3 years -__- Sneezing like crazy. Maybe it's because I slept over at my aunt's house the previous night and my mum might have planted flowers I'm allergic to somewhere. Lol.

So I hopped over to Ryan's room, and begged (not literally. HAHA) him to let me switch beds with him. I was surprised when he agreed. I expected him to tease me and tell me to sleep with the cats. HAHAHA. The moment when I think : Okay, what sorcery IS THIS?! And then he told me he wasn't going to sleep at all. Well, THAT explains it. Hehe. He probably slept all day and decided to stay up all night. 

Spent an hour or so adjusting myself to the bed (and room.) Then I fell asleep. Didn't want to get up at all this morning. The bed was so damn comfortable :3 I likey. But Ryan has the same bed as mine anyways. HAHAHA. And here I am, waiting for transport to church.

The others are probably not going to church today. Everyone slept around 3-4am which is CRAZY. And unhealthy. And really really FUN. LOL.

Going to the airport later (as stated above).  Kinda sad that Charlene and A.Christina are leaving already but  I'll see them again in 12 weeks. Which is a really long time. But still better than waiting till next year. My plane ticket has been booked already :D Yay!

I already prepared a list of what to take, because I'm unusually organized that way. HAHA. And also because, I need to consider what's important and what's not , because we're going to take a lot of things BACK to Malaysia when we come back. (Me and A.Aileen. Hehe) I'm far more prepared then I was 2 years ago. So that counts for something :)

I took off all the black nail polish on my toes and painted it completely mismatched colors. Too much darkness, so it's time to see the skittles :) Literally. Teehee.

I'm feeling conflicted about something. I'm not sure if I can ask someone's opinion on it (Definitely not my family's though. LOL. It's personal). In some things that happen, good and bad come out of it, but what do you do, when you might be able to stop it from happening? But what if it also makes you feel guilty for ruining someone else's chance at happiness? That's the question. Well, I guess only time will tell :)

Till next time. I promise I'll post an update as to what I have been up to lately.

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