Monday, August 6, 2012

Church, FOOD, Shopping.

Hey there! :)

Sorry I haven't been blogging much. (Or maybe I have, but I just didn't notice it. LOL)

Church yesterday was okay. Slightly different but okay.

Did praise and worship duty as usual. I didn't really have much semangat to do it.

Jeans said afterwards that she didn't want to go to fuXion. Truthfully, I didn't want to go anywhere. I just wanted to lie down and sleep. HAHA. Dead tired. So Darren, Samuel, Joanne, Aijean and the rest stayed back. I went with Esther to fuXion. <- The original plan anyway. Haha.

Walked there half asleep. We went to service for approximately 5 minutes. Okay, I was a little dense so I dragged Esther there. HAHA. Went out really fast. Saw Jordan sitting outside with Caleb. I'm not sure but I think Esther suggested we go talk to him, so we did.

We talked about Science streams, art streams, preferred fields to take in University, school lives, girls, guys, partying and a lot of nonsense. HAHA. Interesting nonsense though. Then King Daniel came and joined the conversation.

After a very long time, just chatting about nonsense, Jordan said he had to take a shit. So off he ran to the toilet. Wei Loong came out and offered us (maybe we forced him to) some cheezels. Sat there and talked about other things for a while. Then Jordan came back and said something like "Finally my stomach not pain already!" I asked him " Wait, you really went to do your big business? I thought you were joking." Before he could answer, Wei Loong said "Ehh! You go berak, got wash your hands or not? " And the crap conversation went on O-o. Wei Loong was crazy. Talking about washing butts and all. I said "I'm never going to eat cheezels again." Now every time I think about cheezels, I think about poop. LOL. Sorry for the Manglish.

Got a phone call from Darren (? I think) and he said hurry hurry, go to the restaurant. So we said goodbyes and ran downstairs. Saw Jeans and Joy there. We went to the bank. I wanted to bank in money but machine was kaput -__- Aiyahh.

We went to the restaurant and had chicken rice! :D So YUMMY :3 Wanted to order more but thought I couldn't finish it :( Jeans took a photo too. See it here.

Since there was no Rangers, I went home, got comfortable and watched videos :) FOR A WHILE.

My aunt asked me and my mum to come to Jusco with them (A.Aileen, A.Christina and Charlene). Ahh. So I went. We ate McDonalds, I helped Charlene make a bracelet at a stall (meaning I discussed the beads with the lady there in Malay. HAHA), walked around, did this and that.

A.Aileen told me they were going to TGIF (Friday's! :D) for a dinner with my aunts' and mum's old friends and asked me to come. I agreed just to accompany Charlene. My mum went home cause she wanted to change and bathe. I was too lazy so I stayed back at my aunt's house and read a magazine.

After a pretty short car ride, we reached Subang Parade. Met Mum's friends and said hi. Ordered lemonade which was pretty sour but still nice :) and spaghetti :3

The starters were yummy. Especially the braised chicken or buffalo <- wasn't sure which it was. Spaghetti came and I had to share that cause it was too big :(

Charlene wanted to walk around because we both knew that they'd talk for hours about things that won't include us. HAHA. Typical adult behavior :P She wanted to buy shoes. So once I was done eating, I went with her . We searched every shoe shop we saw. I gave my opinions on the shoes she chose. Tried to be honest but not to brash. HAHA.Finally found one with reasonable prices and nice shoes. One lady there helped us and asked me if Charlene was my sister. HAHA. I get that a lot when I'm alone with her.

She finally chose a pair she really like. It was RM50 reduced to RM35. It was cheap for her. Charlene said that her shoes usually cost about a 100 euros :O . Yikes. About RM400.

Went back but they were still talking. So we asked if we could go out again. And we did :D

Went to shop after stall after shop. At one stall, we saw really nice flower clips pins and hairbands. Clips were 3 for RM10. I almost went crazy and wanted to buy everything. HAHA. In the end, I bought 3. One for her, 2 for me. She didn't want to owe me money, so she said she only wanted one.

The lady there asked me if she was my sister and gushed about how cute Charlene is. Couldn't help laughing. Charlene looked so confused because the lady was talking rapidly in Malay and pampering her. Asking her to try on this and that. I told her Charlene can't understand Malay so she tried to talk in English to her. It was pretty hilarious. Well to me. HAHA.

Went to another stall later that sold button badges. She bought a Justin Bieber badge (She's a fan. No comment). I was sorely tempted to buy one but I didn't cause I know I can ask my dad to make me one any time. Teehee :)

I took her to Elianto later. I wanted to buy some nail polish. I bought a neon green and neon yellow polish.

We went back to the restaurant and left after 15 minutes. They wanted to take photos -__-

Came back home and crashed on the bed.

Thank God for a wonderful bed! :D

Sleepover was cancelled because I decided not to go. LOL. Didn't know I was that important.

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