Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Clothes, clothes, clothes.

Hey there!


Clothes. Clothes. Clothes. Too many clothes -___-

Ever since A. Christina came, I have received a whole bundle of clothes (not that I'm complaining) because I'm the only one out of all my girl cousins who can wear them. Due to my fat ass and body. LOL. Just kidding. But seriously.

Receiving new clothes is a blessing. But it also reminds me of all the clothes I have here and there, that I can't wear anymore and MUST DONATE to people who need them more then I do. One day mission trip next Saturday :D I should pack up the clothes I don't need before that.

I'm just too lazy right now to do that. I keep my clothes in 5 or 6 different places, due to lack of space. And I don't know how I'm going to sort out my clothes alone O_o. God give me the strength.

I've gotten an Ali Baba pants, shirts, dresses, and a weird shirt/shorts thing that joined together, it was still nice though (so no complaints there).

It strikes me as weird, how I used to despise dresses. But now, I enjoy wearing them sometimes :) It's fun. Sometimes. But I'll always be a jeans/shorts girl. Dresses and skirts once in a while is okay, to keep in touch with my femininity (if I have any.LOL).

The problem with some dresses (one specifically for me -_-) is that sometimes, the top slips down and people can see your chest/bra. Which is horrifyingly embarrassing. I had to keep a tight grip on the dress I wore to Steffi's wedding and constantly checked to see if anything's showing -__- But it was a pretty dress. I like. Hehe. Despite its inferiority.

That's all for now :)

Note: The shirt/shorts combo is apparently a ROMPER. Facepalm myself for my idiocy.

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