Saturday, August 25, 2012

Cupcakes, tuition, craft and chicken.

Hey you! :) Prepared to be bored to death by a detailed story of the day I had today.

See? Even the introduction was blimey long -.-

I'm currently sitting at my computer, eating guavas (a new healthy lifestyle for me-Okay. I lied. I ate KFC and McD fries earlier.) and trying not to walk because I'm limping around like an old lady. Not sure why I'm limping though, it may be because of badminton or shopping too much. Or because I tripped over the cat and smashed into the desk this morning.

I went to tuition at 2.30pm. No one recognized me because I pinned up my fringe :( Hmmpph. It was a little boring, I did the test papers without talking or getting distracted (a first for me, probably because Vemlan wasn't there) and did okay-ish. I'm trying to be more focused in my studies now. Sigh.

Right after tuition was over, I went to Aeon with Esther and A.Aileen to buy winter clothes. Went to the jeans section first. I tried on jeans after jeans after jeans. Some jeans were so tight I couldn't even BREATHE for goodness sake. I was able to wear that size two years ago :O Darn. I got fat. Planning to lose weight before I leave because I'm bound to get fat(ter) there.

Found two long-sleeved shirts I really liked. So comfy :3 Hehe. I tried on another one but it was a little bit see-through. Eugh. Nay. Yeah, so we kept walking around and looking/buying stuff. I lined up with Esther to buy ice cream. I ate it up really fast though :( So it didn't last long.

Something I made yesterday:

And no, I didn't make the ring. HAHA. I braided the string and added the rings. My fingers are too small/big for the rings to fit on so I had to improvise.. My buena suerte necklace, this is :)

Anyway, back to the story. LOL. I make it sound like I'm telling a story to kids in a library.

Around 6.45pm, we went back because A.Aileen has tuition to teach (along with me chicken and all from KFC). I went back home and watched Law and Order, came online for a while and snoozed on the couch for a while. Then Dad said the boys (and him) wanted to go to Aeon to get a haircut. So there we go again.

The boys bought chicken from the place next to where they sell sushi. We also bought french fries. I went to buy it with Ian. Ryan came to look for us, found us in Watsons with our parents and said "Bitch la. I went to look for you, you know. -.-" My parents find it weird (and okay, RUDE) to call each other bitch, potato, cocount-head etc, but I think of it as a term of endearment :P

Yeah, and we came back home. I took a bath, cut up some guava after I came downstairs and here I am now :)

Mission trip tomorrow. I feel lazy-ish, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Till next time! :D

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