Sunday, August 5, 2012

Dang dang dang Dayyuummmnn.

Hey you! :D Yeah, you.

It feels like forever since I last blogged.

Today was pretty crazy. My plan was to stay at home all day and rest because I had stomach cramps. But it didn't turn out like that at all :(

Skipped tuition because I woke up really late and had cramps. The phone call that changed my life (not really. LOL) happened 15 minutes later. My aunt: Hello? Want to watch Amazing Spider Man? I couldn't resist that. Especially after a week of trials.

So I said yes. Ignored the cramps as best as I could and we (Ian and I) went to Jusco. Went to the cinema after lunch and waited for the movie to start. Some Chinese horror movie came on and everyone was saying things like "What the heck. Where's the spider? OI! SALAH MOVIE LA DEI." and shit like that. HAHAHA. They made an apology announcement and played the movie after a while. I wasn't expecting much since I didn't like the original Spiderman, but i changed my mind. It was nice. I actually liked it better than the previous ones :P Sorry. LOL. It made me cry and laugh.

(My cat knows how to play the piano now. Not very well, but still WOW.)

Got an awful stomach cramp after that. But I had fun there though :)

Went to a family gathering party tonight. They were watching Mirror Mirror. Which I didn't really like because it seemed too staged to me. It would have been okay if it was a Broadway play or something else :P

Played with firecrackers outside. We made a lot of noise but mehh. YOLO. JUST KIDDING. I think that's dumb. HAHAHA.

Michelle, Vivian, Charlene and I got forced to play the piano just because we knew how to -_- Oh well. I made a lot of mistakes in the second song, stopped for a few moments and said "Dayyuuummmnnn. I QUIT." HAHAHA. Not fond of performing in front of family.

Well, we ate pizza, bihun, sate and whole lot of other stuff. And socialized. HAHAHA,

Life is crazy. And I'm going crazy (or maybe I already is crazy. <- I'm well aware of the grammatical error/s.)

Thank God Monday is a holiday! Phew!

Not sure if I want to sleepover at Vivian's house tomorrow. It's .. complicated. LOL. I don't have any problems with my cousins but it's that time of the month again. Yeap. Not appropriate for sleepovers -__- Especially at other people's house.

Came online an hour ago. I was shocked to see that Jeans updated her blog. A LOT. LOL.


P.S. Joy, I didn't think you'd want me to mention your name mahh. LOL. I have the shortest fingers among all my guy friends and most of the girls . HAHAHA, Addictions! :D You'd get it, someday. SOMEDAY :) No need to rush.

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