Friday, August 3, 2012

Emotions Matter.

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A friend of mine mentioned that she can't play music with emotion. That's pretty much how I was like when I was having piano lessons. As I've mentioned before, I'm dyslexic when it comes to reading piano notes, I'm not much fond of classical music except for a few pieces that I find soothing and also, because I was forced to take lessons, I did rebel against my piano for some time.

After some time, I grew to like it (sort of) but loathed it at the same time. It was a love/hate relationship as you could say. I had a problem playing with my feelings. I usually played in a stiff, rigid way. Stiff fingers and pokerface. LOL.

Playing With Emotions.

After I ended my classes, I stopped playing for a while. I started again when I downloaded music sheets from the Internet to play. You could say I got addicted.

After a while, I discovered that to play a song is to truly understand and interpret it. There's no point in playing a song you despise cause you wouldn't have any feelings (but hatred lol) for it. You have to really interpret and get the feel of the song, because no matter how perfectly you play the notes, how precise your timing and how soft or loud the song should be; nothing would compare to having a.. umm. emotional connection to the song? Those things matter, but the root of musical instruments,well, had they not been played with emotion/feeling, it wouldn't be much for me to admire. That's why I love the Piano Guys. They always seem happy playing the piano or cello.

A relationship with music differs from a relationship with a human being. But what they have in common is that in BOTH relationships, your emotions matter. No feelings, no relationship.

I still have a pokerface when I play, due to the fact I've had that pokerface when I play for years. So I can't shake it off very well. My fingers aren't as stiff anymore. Smoother playing compared to a few years back. I don't like the fact my fingers are so short, but it doesn't really matter (that much) to me when I'm playing the piano. My cousin has unusually long fingers but she has trouble stretching them across the notes. Goes to show that all one needs is practice :)

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