Thursday, August 30, 2012

Friendship: What does it mean?

Friendships will always remain, even when nothing ever stays the same.

Hey there! Second post today :) Hehe.

Referring to the statement at the top, do you think it's really true?

Sometimes I feel as though, when people change and their interests change, it affects their friendship in a good or bad way. Depending on how they view the change. There are moments when I think that my friends are slipping away from me because we don't have the same opinion or interests. And it's pretty sad.

But then I realize, isn't it a good thing to have different interests and etc.? You learn so much more and just maybe, you'll be introduced to things you might actually like. If your friends share the same opinions, thoughts, and have just about everything in common with you, wouldn't that be like being friends with many clones of you? Hahaha.

Individuality makes each and every one of us unique. That's why it doesn't pay to try to be like someone else  that you want to be, but who just isn't you.

And yes, having things in common with your friends isn't a bad thing. But having different interests isn't a bad thing either.

It doesn't mean if your friend dislikes something, you have to dislike it as well. It also doesn't mean that if your friend like it, you have to like it as well.

Everyone's entitled to their own opinion. But please, don't bash on the other person's opinion. And don't criticize someone if they like something you don't. Manners matter. Hehe.

Friendship is so much more that just a pastime. It's a bond that can last for a long time. How long it lasts is all  up to you.

Don't talk shit behind your best friend's back. Don't gossip.

There are some poisonous friends out there that influence you to do the wrong thing. Teach them what's right, or just walk away because they're not good for you.

Most importantly, be the kind of friend to others, that you would want others to be to you :)

Matthew 7:12 - Do unto others what you would want them to do to you.

And yes, I DO in fact live by the Rangers code. Teehee.

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