Friday, August 3, 2012

History & Mystery

Hey there! :)

Life's been crazy lately. Something's wrong with me. I'm cleaning and obsessing over tidiness at 12am at night O_o . If I don't clean, I can't sleep. My guilty conscience is getting to me. HAHA. So far, I've cleaned out my jewelry, piano chair (you wouldn't believe the number of weird things I had in there BESIDES piano sheets. LOL) and washed one of the bathrooms. Now THAT is weird.

I have a whole cupboard to clean, all my clothes to sort out, bookshelves, desks.... well, you get the point. I'm actually kinda excited about it :) FLIPPING TORTILLAS. What is WRONG with me? Let's just say, maybe I find comfort in having control of my life. HAHAHA. When everything is neat and organized, I don't feel like the messy, clumsy teenager I am.

I'm pretty sure I'll get a big fat F for my history paper. LOL. The lowest I've ever gotten is a C or D, I think. Why an F? I didn't revise for the paper. Oh, I assure you that I INTENDED to of course. I did. You know the huge Form 1,2 &3 PMR book? I threw that in my school bag (Or so I thought), but when I opened my bag this morning at school. NADA. non libro :O

Instead, there was a 500 (take or leave a few numbers) -paged book entitled: Heroes Of The Olympus; Son Of Neptune. I must have been REALLY DRUNK last night. I dimly recall my brother asking me to put it on the shelves. Not to mention the fact that I forgot that I thought I put my book in my bag (Read slow..MIGHT be confusing) so I grabbed another thick PMR book and shoved it into my bag. It was a SCIENCE PMR book mind you. And the Science paper is over already -__-

Yeap. So I read about a 250 pages of Greek/Roman mythology during the Mandarin exam, recess and the few minutes before the exam. I'm kinda wishing I hadn't because now I'm dying to read "The Mark Of Athena" which is coming out in October this year.

Hoping for a C at the very best! :D I'm optimistic about the future. HAHAHA. When I get bad marks, I just laugh it off cause it doesn't really bother me.

Dad must have taken my camera again. I can't find it anywhere. I want to take some photos of the mess, before and after. It gives me a sense of accomplishment when I achieve something like cleaning.....stuff. and you know. :P

May blog again soon.


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