Monday, August 13, 2012

House, Weirdness and Photos

Second post today! :D

Chill., it's just about photos from last night.

There was a wooden Malay house display where my crazy family went to take photos at. 
I wanted to go inside the house itself but ohh noo. It's too dangerous! -__-

Dad and A.Aileen made us take this solely for the sake of seeing the brand new bike. HAHA. 

Jun Ann was forced to as well. HAHAHA.

Ian wandering around aimlessly, Joel inspecting the bamboo stick and me putting back the bamboo stick .

Guess who's missing? That's right. Ryan Teo and his big fat butt. 

Mum and the bike. HAHA. And the house. hehehe. 

I ran around the airport barefooted. It was fun :) I heard some guys yelling my name and I was laughing like crazy because they actually meant someone who was leaving. But I went up behind them and said "GOODBYE. I'm going to miss you so much! Muack muack!"  I got weird glances from them.Then I flew away, slightly drunk and stupid. 

P.S. Ian cleaned up some drawers and found some old photo album. 
Winkwink. Incoming post on that soon.

I've gotta clean up my boots soon. I miss wearing them. HAHA. Must go to the Amcorp Mall during the Raya holidays! :D I heard that they have some awesome new stuff there. 

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