Thursday, August 23, 2012

Lock up :D, Brain and Boots

Hey (I just met you)! :D

So I've been so sleepy when I typed out about the sleepover, I forgot one very important part. Samuel, Meg, and me locked K.Daniel up in the store room. HAHAHA. Sam's idea. We were looking for our mess tins (which we still haven't found yet) and Daniel went into the store to search for it.

So we locked the door and pretended to walk away. I think Daniel said "Don't make me break the door down." And someone else said "Pfftt. You can TRY." Of course we let him out after a while. We did not pretend to lost our mess tins :P We did it on a whim. HAHAHA.

So Daniel can't say only the girls bully him, because Sam's not a girl right? :P

I felt kinda guilty but it was too fun NOT to do.

On a side note, I think there's something wrong with me -_-.

I blank out for hours (more like minutes, maybe) at a time and I can't remember what I've been doing during the blank out time. Is that normal? O_o.

I hope it is. Or maybe I'm just extremely forgetful and I can't remember certain things. LOL. Sometimes I'm aware of what I'm doing, but it doesn't feel like I'm the one doing it :( Urgghh.

Brain <- What the heck is wrong with you? -.-

I love my boots <3 I might have said this before, but I really do. HAHA. The other day, I marched around outside the house wearing them, saying left, right, left, left, right (etc) in the morning, my mum had to shush me because I was noisier than my brother snoring at night :( But it was fun. LOL.

All packed up and ready (almost) to go to church later :D

I'm eating lunch now :)

Till next time :)

P.S. Is it just me or do I constantly stray away from the topic I'm supposed to be talking about?

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