Sunday, August 26, 2012

Mission trip :D

Hey there! :D

Mission trip today, it was fun :)

Came to church, we practiced for a while and got into our vans. I don't like long car/van rides. I get awful headaches -_- Oh well. You gotta do what you gotta do. So anyways, we got there after a long dizzy ride and sat down. All the little kids were so cute! Eiikkss. LOL, Maine you pedophile. Stalking little kids and all.

We sang songs, the one in Tamil I couldn't help grinning at cause I couldn't pronounce most of the words. HAHA. So I mumbled a little bit at some parts. They presented a skit and had an alter call.

We took some photos with the kids :D And played on the see-saw outside. HAHA.

With the kids :D I stole it from Teacher Luna cause I was too lazy to take my own photo.

Jezreel -__- and his hand.

Meg in red, looking cool. 

LOL. This is random.

Playing with a piece of paper. 


That little boy at the end is so CUTE. OMG OMG.

He's either praying or kissing the ground. HAHA.

The guys looking hilarious. HAHA. 
Darren said his ride was 'scary' LOL.

See-saw :D

So it was fun :) We came back. I had an awful headache when we reached. I like planes more than vans -_- Went to eat dinner (I was doing most of the eating. LOL) with Meg and Jeans. And as always, food cured me :D I love food so so much <3

Daniel, Matthew, Sze Yie and Joseph Heng came into the restaurant. They didn't even say Hi -___-. So I paid, we got up and left. Daniel sms-ed Megan and asked her why we left so fast. Psshh. So we went back and sat with them for a while. Matthew asked me (again) if it's hard. IF WHAT'S HARD? I don't know. What the heck :(

We left, again. Went to wait at church for someone to fetch me home. Mum came and took us back to my house. Made a quick stop at 99 speedmart for seaweed :3 I love seaweed. Came back home, stalked people on Facebook and worked on Megan's birthday present. YES. While she was there. Shoo-ed her away though.

Jeans liked seaweed with lemon. LOL. A lot of people think I'm weird for eating seaweed with lemon, tomato sauce with pepper and more weird combination of food. But I don't mind. I've learned to accept the fact I have weird taste in food.

Anyways, they left a few hours ago. I've been working on the present since then. I've just finished the birthday project :) But no photos till tomorrow. Sakai must not see this. She'd kill me and Jeans for our photo choice but who cares ? :P HAHAHA.

Tomorrow's gonna be fun. Hehe.

Have to go wrap up the present for her now. Byebye! :D

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