Thursday, August 9, 2012

Mockingjay Necklaces :)

Hey there! :)

I feel the need to update you on something VERY important (well, at least to me)

So anyways, I've been scouting around for mockingjay necklaces because well, I think they're really pretty :)
I'm not really a big fan of the Hunger Games. I like the show, but the books ? Love/not-sure-what-I-feel relationship, I can't decide if I love it or not. HAHAHA.

I got around thinking about it in school. Was discussing the show with Yi Wen and Careen and couldn't stop thinking about the (Hunger Games) necklace. So I came home, google-d like crazy and mentioned my intentions to Joy. She then proceeded to find this website: PinkyBears , which sells them! :D The best part is, this is a MALAYSIAN website. Which means plenty of bonuses.

Here's what the bronze/gold looks like:

The silver:

Joy and I chose the gold/bronze because for me, it looks more umm.. like how it is in the show? HAHA. If that makes any sense. LOL. Silver's alright, but not mah type. Sorry.

If YOU'RE interested in purchasing it, just go to this link: Mockingjay Necklace . If it's out of stock, you can ask them to replenish it :P

I've been driving myself crazy looking for this ever since the movie came out. And I can now finally rest in peace. LOL. Not really.

Just create an account, order, checkout, pay within 3 days and you're all set! :D Yay Isn't that easy?

All you have to do is wait for the package to arrive :P

This website seems legit and all. But please be careful when you're purchasing online. You can always tell whether the website is 'okay' or not (though some people are good liars) by checking it thoroughly and such :)

Some websites which are very real and have extremely nice people in charge are: A Fashion Story and Crafted By Mei . I can tell you that FOSHO (for sure) because I've ordered from them before. Not just once, LOL. The secret behind my empty wallet.

Yeah, so check it out sometime if you want :)

A word of advice to you, don't get too caught up in buying stuff online. You might end up addicted like me.

You'll be invited to my Shopaholics Anonymous if you do. HAHAHA. And yes, it's a threat.

You'd be glad to know that Pinkybears offer a large variety of things at reasonable, affordable prices :)

Update photos: (I deleted the post the photos were in previously)



Isn't it gorgeous? And also note that whatever way you wear it, the design will be there. It's kinda 3D on both sides :D

The links to blogshops in Malaysia, which I believe is legit and awesome are on the right sidebar :)

P.S. Helping Yi Wen buy one too. The number of mockingjay necklace fans is too damn high.LOL.

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