Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Movies, Badminton, Starbucks

Hey there! :)

So I just watched "The Vow" online. Not bad. The story was quite nice and interesting, despite the fact I don't usually watch romantic films unless I like the book it was based on, (The Lucky One, A Walk To Remember..etc.) Action flicks and comedies are my forte.

Going to church at 3pm tomorrow, for the mission trip briefing :) And badminton after that. I like badminton, even when I suck at it. I believe in doing what I love, even if I'm awful at it. But it doesn't apply for some cases.. Like singing. Don't kill people with your voice if you're really terrible at it. HAHAHA. Doing it in jest is okay though.

Tuition tonight :( Sigh. Yay.

Had some plans with Jeans, but had to postpone it because my aunt decided to take me winter shopping and it MUST be on Friday and I MUST not have any other plans that intervenes with it.

Saw a status on Facebook: Crazy people are awesome!!!

I sort of agree...But I wouldn't call a knife-wielding psychopath with mental disorders awesome. It depends on the level of craziness, I should say. HAHA.

I've been addicted to Starbucks lately. I always order the same drink every time. A little bit too normal, maybe?

I've to go now :(

Till next time!

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