Monday, August 20, 2012

New Craft, Shopping, Saying Goodbye.

Hey there! :)

I should be at the Expedition sleepover now. But I overslept and woke up around 2pm, so I decided to go at 6pm instead. Joel, my cousin's boyfriend came by to say goodbye before he leaves and goes back to Sweden tonight. I'm sorry to say I didn't really chat with him because I was too busy working on my latest project :( Random inspiration. Hahaha. Hint: It's a bottle.

I'll post some photos soon. Anyway, I went to church yesterday. It was one of the shortest Sundays EVER. But it's alright. Dad was originally planning to take us to Amcorp Mall. But we went to Ikea and the Curve instead. Megan and Cheryl came, so we took two cars. We went to eat meatballs, fries and all the yummy food at Ikea's restaurant :3 Yum yum. Meg, Cheryl and I went off to walk around Ikano Power Center.

Went to a few stalls, inspected things and pointed out what we found interesting. We went into a music shop, with amazing pianos, violins, guitars and drum sets. Clarinets, recorders and harmonicas too. It was really interesting. The funny thing was they permitted us to test out the pianos, something most music shops won't allow. Stayed there for a while :)

We went to a pet store too. To check out the fish and cats and dogs. The fish was so pretty and interesting! Wanted to buy some but I was afraid Mum might "accidentally" cook it, like she did with Dad's old fish. Oh, it just fell into the pot, she says. HAHAHA. Just kidding. She did it on purpose.

Saw an arts and craft store. Specifically with clay making :D They had classes too.

Some photos of the shop :) Cheryl and I saw some really cute mini places. A bakery, fruit stall and lots more. One course is RM430 or something similar, to learn how to make the mini place thing. HAHA. 

Forgot to mention that we spent the whole car ride journey singing. Hahahaha. 

Sakai wearing sunglasses.

We tried out the Rest & Go place too. Meg and Cheryl sat too long and it started beeping. HAHAHA. I used it twice because it was just so relaxing :)

Cheryl holding all the bags. yay for Peanut! :D


So yeah, we went on looking at stores, buying things and went to the ummm..snack place, outside the Ikea check out counters. We walked around all the floors of IPC :D Exercise. HAHAHA. Bought hotdogs and drinks after that. Idk why, but the soft drinks didn't taste like soft drinks -.- Oh well. I forgot to eat the currypuffs! Urgghh. And it's the best part of the snacks :( Next time maybe. 

We went back home, rested for a while and went to the airport to see Cmdr Penny off. Gonna miss her :( She's an amazing commander. Best of luck to her while she's overseas :)

I bought a hot cup, and you can see it in all of the photos I'm in. HAHAHA. Dad said "So you're going to be holding the hot cup when we take photos too?" I said "Of course I will. My precious." and slurped up some mee. HAHAHA. I'm disgusting. 

Meg's wearing pink slippers. She didn't wanna wear her flats. LOL. 

Didn't really do much. Just walked around looking for Starbucks and we talked to Alex about random stuff. 
Hugged Commander Penny goodbye when she left. 
Ate ice cream at McDs after that. 
Asked Dad where all her guy friends were and he said something like they didn't come because they might cry and seem very unmanly. HAHAHA. Hilarious. 

Oh oh oh! :O Cheryl, Meg and I met a cute foreign guy when we were wandering around. LOL. We went into the elevator. He was the only one there. I said "Where's the button?" Meg and Cheryl saw different places and went to press the buttons at the same time. I was just laughing at them because I'm useless that's way. 
The guy reached his floor and said goodbye (or something else) and smiled at us. We smiled , waved and said "BYEEEE." The guy was laughing when he walked away. We started laughing the moment the doors closed and didn't stop. Was drunk the rest of the time. 

I fell asleep in the car. When Cheryl reached her house, I was half awake so I said goodbye. I have no idea when Meg went back. LOL. I woke up only when I reached home after that. The moment I got home, I changed my clothes and dropped dead on my bed until this afternoon :P HAHAHA. Too tired to shower. If I did, I wouldn't be sleeping till 4am. Bathing wakes me up. 

And here's some photos of what I've been working on today! :D
It was a good thing I haven't gone for the sleepover yet, or I wouldn't have remembered thinking of making it.

Tada! Apothecary jar with glitter and bit and trinkets from my old kaleidoscope set. I put some water in it after that.. Ian suggested I add water instead of getting rid of the glitter.

It's half filled with water here, but I filled it to the brim after I took the photo :) 
I bought the bottle at Living Cabin. And yes, I made the string myself too.
The water isn't very clear. It's slightly colored which I don't really mind. It was yellow at first (and looked like pee. Yuck) but Ian threw out the water and added more, and it turned orange-y. You can't really notice it though. Maybe it's reflecting something in the bottle :O 

I have no idea though. 
I think it's pretty interesting., But I made it so I'm bound to think that way. HAHAHA. 
Bet you didn't expect the photos to come THIS soon. Hehehe.

Till next time :D

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