Tuesday, August 14, 2012

New Profile Picture. Umm. Hehe.

Hey there! :)


So I've had the same old profile picture for my Facebook and Blogger account since April. I decided to switch it up by stealing (I'm sorry, I'm a dinky thief -_-) one of Jeans' photos and cropping it since I can barely see anyone once the image is minimized. HAHAHA. For my Blogger account I mean.

I just get sick of seeing the same old photo every. single. day. Even photos of myself. LOL. I don't want to camwhore for a profile picture, I rather steal. HAHA. I'm evil :( I'm so so sorry.

What do you think of my awful editing skills? LOL.

For my Facebook profile picture, I'mma force Jeans and the rest to take photos together and separately when we hang out again someday. Hehehe. Having the same picture for almost 5 months is a bore. Well for me.

Besides, I've cut my hair and I look a little bit different now. Hehe.

Hope to buy a wire-name keychain one day. ONE DAY. When I have the money -__-

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