Sunday, August 26, 2012

Photos. The horror. Choi.

Hey there :D

Here I am. Again.

I've just gone through and deleted yet more photos from Facebook. From the album I was too lazy to touch because it had almost 200 photos in it. So I summed up my courage and browse through. I cringed and "ugghh"-ed. "eww"-ed and "bleurgh"-ed, and somehow managed to delete the photos without dying from shame and horror. And the final result? 23 acceptably non-embarrassing photos. I just sighed with relief when the torture was over.

I know. The number of photos before and after I deleted it is shockingly less than a quarter. But hey, one must not ponder on one's foolishness in times of youth. HAHA. To imagine those photos were put up 8 months ago or more. The shame. The shame shame shameful shame I feel. It's funny how your thoughts and ideas change as you grow older. And how much more mature you get in things such as Facebook.

I solemnly swear to avoid posting any embarrassing photos online ever again. For the rest of my life.

Let's hope I can keep to that promise. HAHA.

My total number of photos is now: 177. (On Facebook)

Most of them from my Wall Photos. (75 photos to date)

The others have less than 25 photos.

So I will have to control the number of photos I post online from now on :)

I think I have to go to bed now. Although I really don't want to -_-

Good night <3

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