Thursday, August 30, 2012

Preparations & souvenirs to buy :)

Hey there! :)

Fourth post today. Yay for banana.

I'm still praying for money to fall down from the sky into my lap. But let's be honest, chance of that happening? A 0%. -.-

Found the website I've been looking for.
It's a shop in Holland that I frequently went to 2 years ago. I have to figure out what to get my friends for souvenirs. Hahaha. GIRL friends. Guys...idk what they like, so I'd probably get them key chains and chocolates. (Don't worry though, everyone gets chocolate and/or sweets.)

But please, don't be a completely random stranger coming up to me and asking for a cookie O_o. That's creepy.

The only thing I don't like about Claire's is they had way too many Justin Bieber things everywhere. I walked   right into a JB poster and almost screamed. HAHAHA.

I'm planning everything out beforehand. Once November hits, I'll be so excited and crazy, I won't remember to buy souvenirs and pack my underwear. LOL. Just kidding. But seriously.

After September, I won't be buying anything unnecessary (except for Jeans' birthday present.) I have to save up at least RM 100. My parents will be giving me allowance money, my aunts too. But it's important to have a backup plan. I have 30 something euros somewhere. Gotta dig it up.

And yes, most likely I'll be coming back even more broke than I am today -_-

But it's worth it.

I think.


I've already written down the names of who to buy presents for, and surprisingly it's REALLY REALLY long O_o. Must save, must save. No more Kit Kats, sweets and random stuff. NO MORE.

It also means I have to cut down the amount of things I take there :( Limited weight. Lol.

I haven't renewed my passport yet. Have to do it on Saturday :(

Yeah, so that's all? HAHAHA. :) Byebye.


  1. Hey! thanks for your comment on my blog!
    I'm happy to know my posts entertain you :)

    I was curious about your blog, Its lovely!
    I'll be around checking your new posts :)

    ines from

    1. Aww, you're welcomed! :) I'm looking forward to more posts from you! :D Thank you for visiting. Hehehe.


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