Monday, August 13, 2012

The lamp glowing in the darkness.

Hey you! :)

Serious topic today. Psshh. Yeah right...(Really it is!) Anyway. Sometimes I feel as though I'm second best. You know, like I'm only needed when there's no one else around? And I hate it. Who doesn't? LOL.  It's never "fun" to be ignored. For example, when someone (let's just call the person L) has other people who are probably more interesting and fun to talk to, completely ignores you in favor of other people (Others). Not even a hello, a wave or a smile. Much less a glance.

That's the reason why I act like I don't give a damn and keep my distance when L is around the Others. The last time L ignored me, I took a hike. Literally. Okay, I mean a walk. Far far away from them. I was so hurt and angry, I walked away from it all because I needed to cool down.

And just so you know, it helps to walk away from whatever's bothering you and just think. Or maybe forget about it for a while. I went around, looked at pretty things and yummy food, bought some sweets and chocolate (for the um.. pain relief), watched some kids playing charades like a creepy pedophile. LOL. Just kidding.  and had the best "alone" (forever HAHA) time I've ever had in my life. Needless to say, I went back to the problem with a smile on my face and I realized that it really doesn't matter who L likes best and all. I think it sucks to be sensitive about it, but I can learn to stop caring so much about it.

So the 'lesson' is, whenever things in life are troubling you and you feel down, just take a break and forget about it for the moment. Enjoy life for a while, just do what you want. And you'll find that it's so much easier to face whatever crap is bothering you like a mosquito. I won't lie, it isn't easy. But it makes you feel so much better.

Lesson learned for me :)

Look on the bright side, no matter how dark it is.

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