Thursday, August 30, 2012

Update: This and that in life.

Hey there! :)

It's 10.30am and I did not go to school. HAHA. My friend told me that most of my friends won't be going, so I didn't want to be forever alone. And that's why I didn't go. :P

Ryan Higa show coming up soon. I should be more excited than I am right now, but I'm not. Same thing happened with my GMA interview so I'm not really worried. Hehe.

Like most normal days, I've been practicing songs on my piano like crazy. I don't use my piano much during the holidays though. Laziness I guess.

Esther's & Joanne's birthday coming up soon in September. I have literally no idea what to buy for them. Really. And I'm practically broke, so I have to save up some money or make them a gift. Or both.
Or just get them both a huge bar of chocolate.

Rangers' 30th Anniversary is SO close to PMR. And truthfully, I'm more excited about the anniversary than that blimey exam.

I've been driving myself crazy trying to edit my blog's favicon. -___- Useless stupid thing.

Sigh. Oh well.

Life. Is freaking weird.

I have to save up a lot of money, to buy a new cardigan, for extra pocket money when I'm in Holland and for so so many birthdays! Sigh. I'm too proud to beg my parents for cash, so I think I have to just make do and not use my allowance money.

A.A. gave me a new dress. HAHA. Might be wearing it someday.

I haven't been doing the letter challenge for some time now. Someday I'll start back on it :) When I feel like it.

That's all for now :) I guess.

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