Thursday, August 2, 2012

Weight Loss Challenge :)

30 Week Weight Loss Challenge

Hey there! :)

Ever heard of the weight loss challenge? This challenge has been created by Emma ,a blogger.

Losing weight sounds like a DREAM to me. Can you imagine having a toned, no tummy body?

I'm not that fat, but I can't say I'm that thin either.

It has been said that most girls aren't satisfied with their weight. And I'm one of them.

Okay, I love my tummy. And I love chocolate and a lot of unhealthy junk food.

But I'm definitely getting sick of insults and taunts. No one likes hearing things like:
-You're fat!
-Eww, I can see your tummy! Gross!
-You should go on a diet or something. Urgh.

It's not good for my self-esteem and confidence, as well as my mental health. I despise it when people say things that bring others down.

MY idea of a weight loss plan is NOT taking anymore junk food, cut down on my chocolate intake, eat 3 regular meals a day, exercise on the machine, cycle more, jog/walk more.. you get my point.

I don't want to be super slim, muscular or anything like that. I just want to shave off some fats and get a bit toned. Which means I need to lose my precious tummy. As for the eating healthy meals everyday. LOL. I live in Malaysia. Try finding food with very little carbs and etc. And I hate salads. I just do. :P

If Ryan reads this, he'd scoff and say "Yeah right! Like you'll ever go through with the plan." or laugh so hard he'd fall off his chair and hopefully get a concussion. LOL. JUST KIDDING.

It doesn't even have to be 30 days, come to think of it. Just keep doing it till you reach your desired weight goal. Hahaha. I've lost weight without even trying, that was only because I got sick and ate only once a day because I had no appetite. And trust me, that sucks. Craving for delicious yummy food and not being able to eat is a living hell.

Final word. Losing weight can be a great confidence booster. But if you get obsessed with it and lose too much, get help. That's not healthy and could possibly kill you. Haha. Okay, I'm gonna stop ranting now.

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