Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Winter Loves and Hates :)

Hey there! :)

So this morning, a friend of mine asked me what winter's like cause he's never experienced it before. (We were talking about Four Seasons) I was a little stumped because there's just so many things to describe it and not enough time to really explain :P HAHA. So here's a blog post for you about Winter. 

The best thing about winter is having free air-cond everyday! :D HAHA. It's also one of the worst things though.

Hot chocolate :) I don't always drink hot drinks when I'm in Malaysia, cause it's so hot and drinking hot drinks doesn't make me feel any better. But winter is another story. Once I see a rest place with hot chocolate and a fireplace, I think SWEET HEAVEN. Nice and hot :3 It's crazy. HAHA.

Snow :D Sometimes I wish Malaysia had winter. Just so I could play in the snow :( The best thing is you can throw snowballs at a stranger and he/she'd just throw some back at you! :D

Hot soup and warm food :3 I'm not entirely crazy about soup. I only like drinking it when I'm freezing to death inside, to warm up my body. HAHA. My aunt cooks amazing homemade food (not really but yeah sort of. HAHA) It tastes so good when I'm hungry and cold.

Warm comfy blankets :P I always have a problem sleeping because I can't sleep without my blanket and I feel too warm when I do use a blanket -__- In winter, I can't get out of bed because it's too comfy. Even when I'm starving to death :(

Wearing boots! ;) I love boots! But I don't wear them much here cause it's really noisy. I go STOMP STOMP each time I take a step -__- And I get 'looks' from people cause not many people wear boots here. At least it's normal there :)

Taking Off My Clothes. LOL. I know what you're thinking. WHAT THE HECK? Take your clothes off? That's gross man. Nein nein nein. In winter, I wear A LOT of clothes. At least 3 or 4 layers. The joy of taking off a few jackets and cardigans in a warm place :)

Bread! :D Okay, this is not generally about winter, but in Holland, the bread there is crazy yummy :3 I can eat loaf after loaf and NEVER get full.

Sleeping in the attic :) That's right. I slept in the attic. I love it though. It's a very cosy, big room with a sofa bed. The bad thing is, I have to climb 2 flights of extremely narrow stairs. Those stairs are legendary. When I was 9, I tripped and fell. I had a big bruise on my forehead when I went home. When I was 13 (I had my first love. LOL. JUST KIDDING.), I tripped again and almost sprained my ankle. But I love the stairs still. I get a great view of the snow falling too :)

Icicles :O It was really interesting to watch the icicles forming. Not something you see everyday (at least not in my country. LOL)

Ice skating! :) It beats fake ice skating rinks. HAHA. I saw an ice skating show and it was really amazing :) I like.

The Library :D <- What I like best about Amsterdam. The library had books in English, Russian, Dutch and even Mandarin! Crazy awesome. Even the checking out books system was wicked cool. They had computers and sofas to accommodate to people's needs/wants. I borrowed 8-10 books every week. I took photos of the library. But the camera broke before I could transfer the photos -.-

I think that's enough for the Loves. Don't wanna overload you with information :P

Things I hate:

Getting FAT. Unfortunately, in the winter, I get hungry a lot and I eat like a crazy pig. I think I ate a whole loaf of bread in one day once with sausages. Hence, I gained 5 kg and got fatter when I came back to Malaysia. :(

Dry lips and oily skin and hair. I don't think of it as a really big deal but it's pretty annoying to have dry lips. It cracks and bleeds sometimes. Oily skin and hair, I didn't really mind. Just irked me to see pimples popping out.

Not many things I hate. HAHA. As you can see. Added note:I enjoy walking to the mall on cold, windy days though, but it sucks too when I'm dead tired and all.  So it's a love/hate relationship.

I spent my free time when I was home alone , reading books about Hilter, Mozart and other famous people. So you can't say I didn't study :P My uncle was delighted to find out I love books. He's a very philosophical person. His office is full of books.

The temperature was extremely low :O Negative 16 celsius or so was the lowest temperature. It's a wonder I didn't freeze to death when I stayed in the backyard for 20 minutes in just a cardigan.

Come to think of it, this post is actually almost TWO years overdue. But hey, I wasn't really good at blogging (or remembering things) back then :P 

 I'm hoping to experience winter again one day. It's nice to have a change every now and then :)

Hope you liked this completely random and weird post! :D

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