Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Yumminess, Sleepover, Shoes :D

Hey there! :)

The Expedition sleepover was okay-ish, I guess. Came late with Megan. I actually expected her to go early, but apparently we had the same idea about sleeping in all day, HAHAHA. Got there and we did some stuff. Ate food that other people cooked for us :P Hehe. I mean themselves. King Daniel was leading Spirit Challenge. Had so much fun torturing him to death by being annoying. LOL. I read some stuff for him, as fast as I could, just to see if anyone would understand what I was saying. Meg, Jeans and I took Daniel's and Don's phone and used their Twitter.

Later that night, Daniel took Meg and me to McDonalds :D -Yum yum . Stuffed ourselves full. We watched the Three Stooges a while later. It was so stupid (yet somehow funny) I almost killed myself watching it. HAHAHA. They watched another movie "Battleship". But I've watched it so many times already, I'm sick to death of it -__- No matter how the great the movie is, if I watch it countless times, I get sick of it. Unless it's really flipping awesome :) Hahaha.

I'll skip to another point. Long story short, I got bored, set out my sleeping bag, listened to some music till I got drowsy. And I fell asleep :) The next morning, Andrew, Don and Daniel berpakat to wake me up -__- They said my dad was outside and blah blah blah. I didn't really believe them, but my half awake brain did. HAHAHA. So I shot up of my sleeping bag really fast. And they started laughing at me. I found it pretty hilarious. Though I was a little annoyed I had to wake up.

I went with Megan and Daniel to fetch Sze Yie home. She hurt her knee, I think. We went to Secret Recipe after that. Meg said she wanted to kacau her sister. I ordered pasta and a slice of cake because it looked so yummy. The pasta was nice, cheesy too. Cake was an amazing bundle of yumminess.

Came home and Dad wanted to go to Subang Parade. So we went (minus Ryan of course -__-). Wandered around, considered going to Starbucks, but we didn't :( Oh and we bought new shoes at the Shoe Warehouse :D Ian bought sports shoes (his size was bigger than mine, can you believe that? -_-), Mum bought ummm..wedges? And I bought new sports shoes and wedges thingies :D  It's hard to find shoes in my size, so I take whatever I can find. LOL. I'm not kidding when I say I have tiny feet. Parents call it 'dainty' but I call it "tiny".

So we went around, shopped a little bit, bought sausages and had dinner :)

I fell asleep in the car on the way home. Went inside the house and stumbled on the couch. And slept like no tomorrow. Mum woke me up and made me go upstairs to sleep. And tada! Here I am :)

Not much more to say. Hmm.

Going off to cook something to eat :D


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