Thursday, August 2, 2012

Yummy YUMMY cake.

Hey there !

Today's exams were okay. The English Paper 2 almost made me cry. Oh please. An essay on SPORTS DAY? AGAIN? You've got to be kidding me. I'm sick and tired of writing about sports day! Why not murder, kidnaps, some idiots robbing a bank or something more interesting? I'm sick. I know. LOL. But still,  why do you have to go with the mainstream flow? -.- Wouldn't it be nice to have a change every now and again?

Science wasn't that bad. An idiot sitting next to me kept making the kissing noise. It makes my ears ache and I go absolutely crazy when I hear it. It's as annoying as a whistle being blown in me ear. -___- PLEASE. Do. Not. do that kissy sound, or I'll slam your face against a desk! I don't care WHO does it, I just don't want you to do it, cause it makes me mad. LITERALLY. I mean crazy, I'm going to kill you, mad.

Okay, maybe I should see a doctor for my mental illness.

Last night, after tuition was weird. My original idea was to go home and sleep like a baby till the nest morning. But my mum insisted I go to Uncle Ronald's house and say goodbye to Dustin and Steffi. I could have done it today -.- So I went and we stayed there longer than we were supposed to. I just leaned back and snoozed while the others chat and chitted. The living room was pretty messy. HAHA. They were packing up their stuff. Celebrated Auntie Ree Shih's birthday! Got three slices of cake :3 HAHAHA.

Went home and slept like a log. Ahh. I love my sleep.

Guess what? Daddy's birthday is today! :D

I'm such a crappy daughter. I didn't realize it was August till this morning.

Anyway, Happy Birthday to my pretty awesome dad! :)


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